Work Order Management Software

Monitor the whole process from work order creation, circulation, tracking, execution to completion, and each step and node status in work order circulation are clearly visible. EAMic® work order management softwarehelps manage and control current and upcoming maintenance work easily and efficiently for the maintenance department.

EAMic® Work Order Software SystemBenefits

Schedule and simply your workflows

Refined spare parts inventory management to reduce costs

Reduce downtime, cut costs, improve uptime

Seamless circulation and efficient cross departmental collaborative communication

What Can Work Order Management Software Do For You

Work OrderSystem Maintenance Software

EAMic® work order contains everything you need for equipment - number, pictures, manual, description, inspection and maintenance history throughout the life cycle and priority configurable work order type (PM corrective, safety, etc) problem, component, cause land remedy codes.

Preventive Maintenance Work Order Management

You can arrange work in advance and get rid of paper and spreadsheets. EAMic® can easily create maintenance plans for either an inspection on a group of assets, a periodical intervention, or even a major yearly overhaul. In order to ensure that everything will go smooth, you can define the resources needed and the spare parts necessary, as well as the related documents.

EAMic® system will automatically generate or release preventive maintenance work order by period or frequency and send mobile push notifications and task to engineer when assigned.

Work Order Tracking Management

Are you still using paper or Excel to track and record management equipment and personnel? Slow and error prone. Stop!

With EAMic® system, you can easily create work orders, manage and follow up work orders until they are archived. Employees can easily check each work order in the schedule and make reasonable arrangements according to the location, equipment and working characteristics.

You can clearly see the work order and its status through EAMic® work order feature.

Managers can check work status and monitor completion rate and ensure that tasks are completed according to standard procedures.

Work Order Reporting Management

Using EAMic®'s reporting features, you can view the trend of work order cost, such as employee working hours statistics, work order number statistics, repair completion statistics, recording planned vs. actual labor, materials and cost, so as to reduce maintenance costs, record the time spent on work orders, understand faults more clearly and make better improvement and optimization.

Work Order Mobile App Management

Manage and control current and upcoming work easily with EAMic® APP

Easily attach word or PDF document, manual, picture, video and description of equipment to the work order;

Add maintenance tasks, required materials and spare parts;

Record the assets downtime and failure analysis;

Record the working hours, responsible person and maintenance time, etc;

Send mobile push notifications to maintenance engineers when assigned work orders;

Inventory Management

Paper-based work orders is very difficult to track and match the corresponding spare parts inventory management consumed for equipment in the asset management life cycle.

However, EAMic® software can help you track spare parts inventory levels in real time. With EAMic® spare parts inventory management, you always know the stock in and stock out and return of spare parts. When you generate a work order, the required spare parts and materials can be associated.

This means that you can know the current situation of spare parts inventory management, spare parts consumption, when to purchase spare parts and how much to purchase through EAMic® system anytime and anywhere.

What Industries Does EAMic® Work Order Management Software Serve

The Whole UPC Group - 9 Plants in China, Malaysia

We first adopted EAMic® to plan and record our inspection rounds and got pretty good feedback. Then it was deployed to all our nine plants worldwide. Now we’re using it, as the smart CMMS as it is.

What Industries Does EAMic® Work Order Management Software Serve

15+ Plants of Oishi (Liwayway China) Group

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