Extrusion Molding

The products are processed by injection molding extruder, with a smooth surface and high dimensional accuracy. Products of different sizes, colors, and types can be customized according to customer requirements.

As a professional injection and extrusion moldingcompany, ETCN provides our clients with plastic molding services of infection and extrusion stretch blow mouldingservices which includes two different types: intermittent extrusion blow moldingand continuous extrusion blow molding.

Extrusion Molding Capabilities

Extrusion molding is mainly referred to as the extrusion of a screw or plunger to force a polymer material that is heated and melted under pressure to force it through the die to form a constant A method of forming continuous cross-section profiles. The extrusion molding process mainly includes the processes of feeding, melting and plasticizing, extrusion molding, shaping, and cooling.

Advantage of Extrusion Molding

Production Continuity

High Production Efficiency

Wide Range Of Applications

One Machine For Multiple Uses One Extruder Can Process A Variety Of Materials And Products

The Equipment Is Simple, Easy To Manufacture, And Convenient To Install And Debug

If you want to know more types of cnc manufacturing services, please visit our website.

As a custom plastic molding company, we will do our best to meet all the needs of clients.

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