Drive In Pallet Rack

Drive in/drive thru pallet rack is ideal for stocking large quantities of relatively few items. Regular selective racking is less 35 percent or more storage density than drive in/drive thru racking.

Shelves in the logistics system is a very important position, with the increase of growing logistic and warehouse number. Shelves number will be more and more deficiency, can achieve the requirement of automation and mechanization.

Structural Features of Drive In Pallet Rack

100% of any chosen characteristic. Handling machinery such as forklifts can reach any cargo space for storage operations, storage operations easy and fast;

To lower the truck requirements, ordinary truck can be used, if you want to make full use of space, more than three meters above normal high to go with warehouse trucks can;

Is a standard heavy duty shelves to store one kind of shelf heavy goods most economical and practical, it has been overwhelming majority of customers of all ages;

Because it can access any of cargo goods characteristics, so a channel corresponding to the left and right sides of the cargo, the relative alleys, through, pushed, gravity heavy shelf products, utilization is not great.

Product Advantages Of Drive In Pallet Rack

As a professional warehouse rack supplier, MAOBANG has high-quality double deep warehouse rackingfor sale. Welcome to contact us if needed.

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