Drip tape watering systemincludes water drip tape and various irrigation drippers. Its function is to pump water, fertilize, filter, and transport a certain amount of water into the main pipe under the pressure.

Drip feed watering systemis to make the water flow through tiny holes, form energy loss, reduce its pressure, and make it drip into the soil in a drip way. The china drip sprinkler systemis usually placed on the surface of the soil and can also be buried for protection.

Drip tape: Matching different drippers and having different styles. The drip tape irrigation system is to deliver pressurized water to the dripper evenly.

Drip Irrigation System for Sale

Drip Tape Or Drip Line

The common kinds of drip irrigation tape/ line are: drip tape with flat dripper, drip line with cylindrical dripper and drip tape with Continuous Labyrinth

Drip Irrigation Dripper

In the drip feed irrigation system, the device that changes the pressure water flow in the capillary into drip or fine flow through the flow channel or orifice is called dripper.

Arrow Dripper

Arrow dripper is a kind of dripper commonly used in drip irrigation, which is named like an arrow. There are usually two kinds of curved arrows and straight arrows.

Drip Irrigation Adapter Or Connector

We produce these drip irrigation connector: single adapter for soft pipe, double straight adapters for soft pipe, double adapters for three branches, four adapters for five branch pipes, etc.

Lock Nut Fitting For Drip Tape

Lock nut fitting for drip tape is used to connect drip tape and pvc layflat hose.

Mini Valve For Drip Tape

Mini valve for drip tape is made of quality plastic. It is widely used in drip tape for irrigation system. It is very easy to control water flow by mini valve.

Advantages of Drip Irrigation System

Knowledge Of Irrigation

Seapeak's drip irrigation technology provides efficient, flexible and cost-effective solutions for crops under various conditions to meet the needs of different customers. Our broad product range includes pressure-compensated drippers, traditional drippers, thin-walled drippers, button drippers PE layflat hose and PVC layflat.

Suzhou Seapeak Co., Ltd. is one of the leading micro irrigation system manufacturers, we provide drip irrigation adapter, china sprinkler valve parts, drip irrigation parts supplies, drip tape irrigation suppliesand etc. Want to know more? Contact us.

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