Organic Mushroom Products Shiitake Extract 4:1

Produce Name:

Latin Name:Lentinus edodes

Appearance:Brown Yellow Fine Powder

Part Used:Fruit


Sterilization:High temperature

Product descriptionof our :

Shiitake is a from certain species of basidiomycetes. Available in supplement form, it is known to act as an antioxidant. While research on its heath effects is fairly limited, proponents claim that taking it can produce a variety of health benefits.

Specificationof :




Extract Ratio




Brown yellow fine powder


Odor & Taste



Sieve Analysis

100% pass80mesh

80 Mesh Screen

Loss On Drying

NMT 7.0%

GB 5009.3


NMT 9.0%

GB 5009.4


NMT 1.0mg/kg

GB 5009.11


NMT 2.0mg/kg

GB 5009.12


NMT 0.1mg/kg

GB 5009.17


NMT 1.0mg/kg

GB 5009.15

Pesticides Residues

Meet USP Requirement


Solvents Residue

Meet Eur.Ph.7.0<5.4>


Total Plate Count

NMT 10,000cfu/g

GB 4789.2

Yeast & Mould

NMT 100cfu/g

GB 4789.15


NMT 100cfu/g

GB 4789.3

Pathogenic Bacteria


GB 4789.4

GB 4789.10


may help boost immunity, according to a small 2008 clinical trial in Nutrition and Cancer. For the study, 21 healthy volunteers took either an supplement or a placebo every day for four weeks. At the study's end, members of it group showed a significantly greater increase in the number of dendritic cells (a type of cell involved in the immune response).

Animal-based research shows that it may help reduce certain side effects of chemotherapy. For instance, in a 2009 report from the Journal of Experimental Therapeutics and Oncology, scientists discovered that treating mice with it helped shield them from chemotherapy-induced liver damage and bone marrow suppression. However, it's too soon to tell whether it may also help alleviate chemotherapy side effects in humans.

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