Sophora Japonica Flower Extract

Sophora japonica flower extractcan be used to treat chronic bronchitis, which has anti-inflammatory effects, maintains vascular resistance, and reduces permeability, fragility, etc. Sophora japonica flowerextract is widely used to prevent cerebral haemorrhage, hypertension, retinal haemorrhage, purple scar, and acute hemorrhagic nephritis.

Chengdu Kanghui Bio-tech Co., Ltd, a plant extract supplierand professional plant extract manufacturer, provides sophora japonica extract powder including Isoquercitrin CAS NO.482-35-9, Quercetin CAS No.6151-25-3, Rutin Trihydrate CAS No.153-18-4, and L rhamnose monohydrate. Feel free to contact us to get more information about sophora japonica extract quercetin!

Types of Sophora Japonica Flower Extract


CAS No.: 482-35-9

Specifications: 90%, 95% HPLC


CAS No.: 6151-25-3

Specifications: 95% HPLC


CAS No.: 153-18-4 (NF11,DAB10),

CAS No.: (EP7.0)

L-Rhamnose Monohydrate

CAS No.: 10030-85-0

Specifications: 98% HPLC

What is the Sophora Japonica Extract?

Sophora japonica powderis the dry flower of the sophora japonica L. The surface appearance of Sophora japonica flower is yellow-brown or yellow-green and has few wrinkles. The lower part is a campanulate calyx with a 5-toothed apex, and the upper part is an unopened corolla with different sizes. The sophora japonica flower tastes a little bitter. Sophora japonica extractincludes high-quality quercetin, isoquercitrin, rutin, and L-rhamnose Monohydrate. Sophora japonica flower exists mainly in China and Vietnam. Our health benefits a lot from Sophora japonica with the function of preventing cerebral haemorrhage, hypertension, retinal haemorrhage, purple scar, and acute hemorrhagic nephritis.

What Are Sophora Japonica Flower Extract Skin Benefitsfor Skin?

Sophora japonica extract has a high medicinal or skin-care value, and it is often used in cosmetics. Sophora japonica extract is mostly used in cosmetics and skin care products as a skin conditioner and antibacterial agent. Having a risk factor of 1, Sophora japonica flower extract is relatively safe to use. In general, Sophora japonica extract powder has little effect on pregnant women, also, the extract of Sophora japonica does not cause acne. Sophora japonica extract is mostly used as a skin conditioner in cosmetics, and sophora flower skin benefits in excellent antibacterial, anti-free radical, anti-radiation, and sun protection properties. There's no need to be concerned about ac problems.

What is the Pharmacological Action of the Sophora Japonica?

In the treatment of chronic tracheitis, sophora japonica extract has an anti-inflammatory effect, reducing blood vessel fragility. Meanwhile, Sophora japonica flower extract has the function of removing fat, anti-virus and inhibiting aldose reductase in the fatty liver.

Indications of sophora japonica flower extract: reduce blood lipid and cholesterol, prevention and treatment of cerebral haemorrhage, hypertension, retinal haemorrhage, purpura and acute hemorrhagic nephritis.

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