Bamboo Crafts

Bamboo craftsare becoming popular in recent years. There are various peculiar and novel crafts that emerge in the bamboo market.

What is bamboo art craft?

Bamboo art craft refers to the handicraft with bamboo as the raw material for carving, painting, and other artistic creations. Bamboo craft and general wood handicrafts are different. The service period is far more than wooden products. Bamboo has been highly praised by literati since ancient times because of its indomitable characteristics, so bamboo handicrafts are more popular and loved by people than wood handicrafts.

What are some examples of bamboo craft products?

With raw white ash foam processed boards, bamboo can be made into high-grade furniture, decorative materials, indoor wooden doors, and musical instruments. The bamboo products manufacturer can make different kinds of practical bamboo craft products that meet people's daily needs.

How do you use bamboo crafts?

It is recommended that you try not to use boiling water to boil bamboo crafts, which will destroy the structure of bamboo products, shorten the service life of bamboo products. If you want to wash it, please clean it with salt water which is for good maintenance.

What are the benefits of bamboo craft work?

First, it is warm in winter and cool in summer. Due to the natural characteristics of bamboo, its moisture absorption and heat absorption performance are higher than that of wood.

Second, bamboo has the advantages of tensile resistance, compression resistance, bending strength, and so on. In the East, bamboo is also a symbol of elegance, tall and straightness, and perseverance.

Three is environmental protection. Bamboo can be regarded as a kind of high-quality alternative materials, and stick to use special glue.

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