Bamboo Plywood Wholesale

HQC bamboo plywood is a multi-layer plate-style material that is formed of rotary-cut veneer or thick bamboo chips by rolling, planing, and then gluing with adhesive. Bamboo plywood sheets/panels can be used widely in our daily life, for example, shipping containers, trailers, and construction. The HQC products of bamboo plywood include container flooring, tailer board, bridge/construction board, passenger compartment flooring (all bamboo). We provide bamboo plywood for wholesale at a reasonable price.


 Rotproofness  High cycle life  Stability  High density  High toughness  Wear-resistance  Crushing resistance  Low carbon and environmental  Fire resistance

Container Flooring Sale

Container flooring produced by a large-scale bamboo-based panel manufacturer and service provider in China -- HQC Bamboo, is made from the bamboo-wood composite board (a kind of shipping

Trailer Board Sale

The bamboo trailer board produced by Fujian HQC Bamboo Product Co., Ltd. uses fast-growing, high quality, and large plantation moso bamboo as the material.

Bridge/Construction Board Sale

The HQC bridge/construction board is a temporary supporting structure, which is made according to actual requirements. In general, the bridge/construction board is a component made by

Passenger Compartment Flooring (All Bamboo) Sale

HQC passenger compartment flooring (all bamboo) is made of bamboo sheets which are removing green and yellow by rolling and weaving into a bamboo curtain whose thickness is 1.0-1.5mm, and then

where can i buy bamboo plywood? Fujian HeQiChang Bamboo Industrial Co., Ltd. is a large-scale bamboo ply suppliers, we provide best bamboo products, 3 ply bamboo plywood, wholesale bamboo plywood, strand woven bamboo plywood, bamboo desk furnitureand etc. Want to knowbamboo plywood sheets priceor bamboo ply prices?Please contact us.

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