Bamboo Screen

The bamboo screen, also called bamboo screen divider/fence, fully reflects the characteristics of bamboo, tall and straight. As is known to all, the tenacity of bamboo is better than that of woody furniture. The bamboo screen/partition could divide open space into different parts out of aesthetic feeling. After placing a bamboo room divider screen, you could separate the room freely into several parts with different functions. HQC provides the woven bamboo screen, vintage bamboo room divider, bamboo screens that used outdoor and indoor. Usually, the bamboo screen itself is a beautiful decoration with great artistic value and appreciation value. According to the traditional Chinese culture, the plant of bamboo can reflect the selfless and uprightness of people, which is appreciated by many ancient famous writers, scholars, and calligraphers.

Advantages of Bamboo Screen

Aesthetic value

Good for decoration and separation

Light in weight

No installation required

FAQs of HQC Bamboo Partition

Bamboo partition is a craftable and customizable houseware item, which is a part of the bamboo series. HQC can take customized orders, please contact us for more information.

For some reason that the divider can be bumped into and knocked down. To prevent such an accident, sometimes you can choose to anchor the divider to a wall with a hinge. The divider attached to the wall or the ground will be a lot more stable than a lonely standing divider.

HQC suggests the bamboo room divider. The bamboo screens for sale are lightweight and odorless, which can make your room neat and beautiful. The bamboo room divider is easy to install and remove as well. Do not hesitate to buy it!

The bamboo screen made by HQC is easy to install that you can do it by yourself according to the specifications. After you buy the bamboo furniture, HQC will also provide you a special instructions for installation and a very thoughtful aftersale service for you.

Installation & Maintennance

We provide you with the most convenient installation and maintenance

HQC bamboo screen adopts the traditional mortise and tenon process which is firm and durable. Its lifetime is longer than other structures. Bamboo furniture is also eco-friendly that no other things are added in. The outlook of the woven bamboo furniture (bamboo room partitions) is simple and generous, and it can make better use of indoor space. HQC bamboo screen has a different dimension, you can choose the dimension according to actual demand. HQC bamboo screen has bamboo ecru/black/walnut color/big paint color and so on. As one of the bamboo products manufacturers, HQC could accept customized orders according to your requested specification and color. For example, the bamboo partition for the living room can be customized into 780*480*1980mm, with the light color of the wood.

Fujian HeQiChang Bamboo Industrial Co., Ltd. is a bamboo products suppliers, we provide room divider bamboo natural, partition bamboo, bamboo room partitionsand etc. Want to know bamboo partition priceor buy bamboo screening? Please contact us.

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