Fiber Optical Switch

Fiber Optical Switch


Fiber optic managed switchis an ideal component for OADM, OXC, system monitoring and protection. With the compact package, single mode fiber optic switchcan be easily integrated into a high density optical communication system.

Designed by professional engineers, MEISU's fiber cable switch/network connect switches can provide a wide range of channels, including 1×2, 2x2, 1×3, 1×4, 1×8, 1×12, and etc. With the features of low loss and compact sizes, the single mode and multimode fiber optic switcheproduced by MEISU can all be well integrated into optical network for switching optical transmission paths or monitoring a large-scale optical transmission. As a mature optical line protection switchmanufacturer, MEISU aims to develop the smallest yet the most reliable industrial fiber optic switches of different package forms. Our goal is to make every customer find the right switching solution for their specific needs.

Fiber Optical Switch

Magneto Optical Switch

Magneto-optic switch has been widely used due to its capabilities of handling large beam cross-sections, operating at low voltages and low insertion los. The Mageto-optical switch is realized by connecting or blocking the optical signal, it has non-mechanical configurations and activated via an electrical control signal, it also has build-in circulator and isolator functions, making it very popular in aerospace and military equipment.

MEMS Switch

MEISU MEMS optical switch is based on micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) technology, which achieved low insertion loss and highly repeatability by rotating the mirror of MEMS chip. Its compact size makes it flexible to be used in channel Blocking, instrumentation and fiber sensing system.

Mechanical Optical Switch

Mechanical Optical Switch is realized by moving optical elements to change the optical path, different from traditional T-shape switch, MEISU's I-shape optical optical switch takes up smaller space and makes it easier to be integrated into the optical communication system.

Micro Optical Switch

MEISU micro optical switch is the upgraded version of the regular mechanical optical switch with an even smaller package size (L)20×(W)10.5×(H)8.0mm.

High Power Optical Switch

High power opitcal switch can be used in medical equipments, such as laser beauty equipment, laser surgery which usually require higher optical power and more frequent interruption of the laser output, besides, it can also be used in Industrial laser system.

Variable Time-Delay Module

The optical time-delay module consists of several optical fibers of different lengths as delay lines, selecting different paths by optic switchcan achieve different delays. Optical delay lines are widely used in radar technology, all-optical signal processing, optical communication and other fields.

Fiber Array and PM Fiber Optical Devices For Various Solutions

Applications Based on Fiber Array and PM Fiber Devices

Custom Products for Micro-optical Interconnection of Different Fields.

Now the fiber optic switch priceis low, if you have needs, please contact us.

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