Soy Fiber

Soybeans fiber is a natural water-soluble soy dietary fiber and insoluble dietary fiber composed of galactomannan, xylan and mannan. The soy protein fiber uses the latest technology to extract soybean fiber from the cell wall of soybean seeds. Soy dietary fiber has a variety of physiological functions, such as preventing obesity, colon cancer, hyperlipidemia, heart disease, diabetes, etc. Soy fiber is considered a source of fiber in a variety of applications, including nutritional beverages, nutritional bars, baked products, puffed food grains, and snacks. Although water-soluble dietary fiber has no nutrition, it is very important to human health and is called "the seventh largest nutrient of the human body." Compared with other protein fiber, soybeans dietary fiber has superior functions. Because soybeans fiber not only has all the functions of other fibers but also adds the soy protein needed by the human body. Soy fiber protein has a fiber structure similar to meat. It holds the characteristics of meat chewiness, strong water absorption and oil retention. The application of soy dietary fiber in meat products can reduce the processing cost and make it higher nutritional value. SAIGAO has high-quality soy milk fiber including soya chunks fiber, soybean fiber powderfor sale. Contact us to get more information!

Soy Dietary Fiber Analysis



Methods of Analysis


Light yellow or milky white powder

By visual perception



GB 5009.3

Dietary fiber(Dry basis)


GB 5009.88


5% slurry

Particle Size


100 mesh through

Standard Plate Count


GB 4789.2

Recommended Application Method of Soybeans Fiber

Soy fiber powdercan be used to make meat products, quick-frozen foods, bakery foods, health-care products, ketchup, sauces, beverages etc.

The application method of soy dietary fiber can be:

Put YP301A into the ingredients at the ratio of 3%-8% and chop them together.

Mix YP301A with water at the ratio of 1:8, then put it into quick-frozen foods.

The above methods are only for reference, customers can apply soy according to their own recipe.

Packing & Transportation of Soy Dietary Fiber:

The outer is a paper-polymer bag, the inner is food grade polythene plastic bag.

Net weight: 20kg /bag

Without pallet---11MT/20’GP, 24MT/40’GP;

With pallet---10MT/20’GP, 20MT/40’GP;

Soy Dietary Fiber Storage:

Soy Dietary Fiber should be stored in dry and cool conditions, keep away from material with odor or of volatilization, protect from water and wet.

Soy Dietary Fiber Shelf-life:

Best within 12 months from the manufacturing date.

Physical and Chemical Properties of Soy Fiber

Physical and Chemical Properties of Soy Fiber

Good water retention and swelling power

The chemical structure of soybean dietary fiber contains many hydrophilic genes and has strong water retention. Studies have shown that this kind of soy protein supplement has greater water holding capacity than wheat bran fiber. 1 gram of soybean fiber powder swells to 7 mL at 20°C without water, and this swelling force keeps changing for 24 hours, while the swelling force of wheat bran fiber is only 4 mL. Adding to food can increase the water content of anti-aging products.

Good emulsification, suspension, and thickening

Soy dietary fiber in children includes guar gum, locust bean gum, and coca gum, etc., which are soluble fibers and have good emulsification, suspension, and thickening effects. Soybeans fiber can also increase water retention when added to ice cream, baked goods, and beverages. And food preservation, increase freezing, melting, and stability.

Is Soybean Fiber Good for You?

Soybean dietary fiber is an insoluble carbohydrate in soybeans, which cannot be digested by human digestive enzymes, has no sweet taste, and is mostly insoluble in water. Dietary fiber can delay the absorption of sugar, inhibit the rise of blood sugar, and reduce insulin secretion. , which has a certain effect on the prevention of diabetes. Soybeans fiber can hinder the absorption of neutral fat and cholesterol, affect lipid metabolism, and prevent dietary hyperlipidemia to a certain extent. The laxative effect of dietary fiber is beneficial to the intestinal tract. The decrease in pressure can prevent intestinal asphyxia and constipation.

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