PDC bit for sale, crafted from Polycrystalline Diamond Compact, are preferred in oil drilling for their exceptional speed, longevity, and efficiency. They consist of a drill body, PDC cutting teeth, and a nozzle.

Steel Body: Constructed from medium carbon steel using precise mechanical processes.

Matrix Body: The top section is steel, while the bottom incorporates a durable tungsten carbide alloy, shaped through a powder metallurgy sintering technique.

Why Choose Top Tool PDC bitFor Sale

Opt for our one-on-one oem pdc bitcustomization, backed by lifelong after-sales service. Benefit from unparalleled cost-effectiveness and unique technical support, all anchored by our expansive facilities in Hubei Province.

Unparalleled Production Prowess

Nestled in Hubei, our two sprawling factories each cover an impressive area exceeding 50,000 square meters.

Advanced Technological Equipment & Expertise

Utilizing advanced machinery, we ensure precision with a CNC lathe accuracy of ±0.01mm. Our commitment to quality is validated by the government-awarded ISO9001 certification.

Custom drill bit service

Prioritizing our clients' needs, we dedicate ourselves to enhancing the composite piece's performance and design, coupled with the architecture of the drill body, to ensure a superior drilling experience.

The Superior Benefits Of Steel-Headed drill bit for saleTo increase its resistance to erosion, the bit crown is given a surface hardening treatment (carburization, tungsten carbide wear layer spraying, etc.).

Steel-bit bodies have a great resistance to impact loading due to the strength and ductility of steel.

Its production technique is straightforward.

Custom drill bithave the advantage of being easily rebuilt several times due to the ease with which worn or broken cutters can be swapped out.

Client Feedback On Top Tools

Different customers evaluate our company at different levels :

Our clients offer varied feedback regarding our services:

Product Quality: Overall, our products are held in high regard and have demonstrated effective performance in tests.

Customer Service: Our team remains courteous and diligent, readily addressing and resolving concerns.

Shipping and Packaging: We ensure swift deliveries complemented by meticulous and robust packaging.

For inquiries on PDC Bitpricing, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Welcome to contact us for the pdc bit priceand more info about drill bit types.

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