Air con clothingis clothing that brings cool air by driving fans. There is a fan on each side of the waist of the air-conditioning suit, and the fan can import external air, so that the air flows in parallel between the body and the clothes, bringing coolness. Airconditioned clothing, cooling effect is remarkable, energy-saving and environmental protection, very suitable for outdoor sportsmen and outdoor workers.

Different Types of Air Conditioned Clothing

EH-J-080 Air Conditioned Golf Jacket

EH-J-081 Air Conditioned Jacket For Women

EH-JAC-071 Air Conditioned Jacket For Men

EH-JAC-068 Air Conditioned Work Jacket

EH-JAC-069 Air Con Clothing For Men

Road Administration AC Jacket

EH-SY-011 Cooling Vests For Construction Workers

EH-J-010 Cool Construction Clothes

EH-JAC-057 Air Cooling Hi-Vis Jacket

EH-J-082 Air Conditioned Coveralls

Applications Of Air Conditioned Jacket

Air conditioner for clothescan keep the body cool in the hot summer and reduce physical consumption. Air-conditioned clothing is widely used in various industries at home and abroad, such as public security, traffic police, electric welding, construction, maintenance, express delivery, etc.

Special Industries

Outdoor Duty

Outdoor Work

Outdoor Leisure

Working Principle Of Air Conditioned Jacket

The operating principle of the air conditioned suitcomes from the regulation process of the body's own physiological cooler. The fan in the air-conditioned suit introduces outside air at a high speed, and the introduced air flows in parallel between the body and the clothes. In this process, the hot and humid air in the clothes is discharged from the cuffs and collars, and the sweat is evaporated by the wind, making the body feel cool and comfortable.

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