Electric Ball Valve

Description of Electric Ball Valve:

ZECOelectric ball valveis named after the combination of electric actuator and ball valve. It is usually used in medium pipelines requiring remote switch and adjustment control. It is an important control product in industrial automation control. ZECO's electric actuators are usually equipped with German AUMA electric actuators. If customers have other requirements, ZECO valve companycan also customize them according to customers' requirements.

Features of Electric Ball Valve:

  1. ball valveelectricis available in full size and reduced size series to meet different requirements of customers.Full bore ball valves are provided in the same channel as the inner diameter of the pipeline for minimal fluid resistance and easy pipeline cleaning.The weight of reduced diameter ball valves is only about 70% of the same diameter full bore ball valve, which can effectively reduce the cost and price, while the fluid resistance coefficient is only about 1/7 of the same diameter globe valve;

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