4GA 20FT Jumper Cables

These brand new jumper cables are strong, flexible, and kink resistant. The 4GA 20FT Jumper Cablesfeatures 4-gauge cables for strongest consumer grade. It is able to resist motor oil, rain, and chemicals for dependable use.

  1. Features:

Constructed of Stranded Copper Clad Aluminum Wire for Strength, Flexibility, and Kink Resistance

Heavy Duty 4 Gauge Cable with Copper-Plated Clamps

Booster Cables come with a Travel Bag

Color Coded Red & Black for Positive and Negative Terminals

Perfect for Cars, Trucks, Vans, Motorcycles, and SUVs

  1. Specification:

Length: 20ft

Color: Red / Black

Rating: 500 Amp

AWG: 4 Gauge

Material: Copper

Condition: 100% Brand New

  1. Instructions for Jump Starting your Vehicle:

Make sure both vehicles are turned off.

Connect one end of the red clamps to the postive (+) post of the dead battery

Connect another end of red clamps to the positive (+) post of the good battery

Connect one end of the black clamps to the negative (-) post if the good battery

Connect another end of the black clamps to the frame bumper or engine block of the dead battery. Do not connect directly to the negative (-) post.

Make sure clamps from one cable do not accidentally touch the clamps of the other cable.

Start the working vehicle

Wait 1-2 minutes, start the dead vehicle, and then keep the vehicle running for a few minutes for recharging the battery.

Disconnect the cable clamps in the reverse order.

  1. Package Includes:

1x Jumper Cables

1x Travel Bag

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