Split Bearings

Split cylindrical roller bearingare specially designed based on the original spherical roller bearings and cylindrical bearings. The aim of split bearings is to solve the problem of quick replacement of bearings at unattainable positions or points. They are suitable for the application of lower rotating speed, higher load, shock loads, harsh working conditions and those positions where it is hard to access. ZWA’s split bearings include split spherical and split cylindrical roller bearings. The cages of split roller bearings are defaulted as brass ones. Meanwhile, ZWA also offer complete split bearing unit, including split roller bearing, housing, bracket and some joining elements. In this unit, in order for assembling and disassembling, the split roller bearing, housing and bracket are all 180 degree split on the axial direction.

In the past years, ZWA has offered hundreds of piece bearing splitand cylindrical roller bearings to the customers. With those bearings, ZWA helps the customers to improve the efficiency, reduce the downtime of machine, decrease the cost, increase the productivity and make the assembling and disassembling easier and fast. As one of the rare qualified split bearing manufacturers, ZWA has patent of its own split design which optimize the way of split and also improve the precision of bearings. For the spherical split bearings, ZWA’s production range is from inner ring 100mm to 406mm. And for the cylindrical split bearings, ZWA offer customized design.

Features of split spherical bearing

Separable and easy for assembling and disassembling

Accommodate the misalignment created initially

Reduce edge stress by rolling element

Longer service life

Application ofsplit bearing catalogue

Split bearings are mainly applied on the shafts which are supported by several unreachable points or positions, including transmission, material processing, ventilation equipment, mills, continuous casting, vessel and paper making industry.

Examples for mining and material process: cement, pulley, grinding and crusher, fan and ventilator, elevator, crane, transmission apparatus and shaft.

ZWAas a chinaball bearing industry, we provide different ball bearing production fo sale. Want to know more, please contact us.

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