X5-HS CCTV Inspection Crawler

X5-HS is a high-definition pipeline CCTV inspection robot. It can use a tablet, a laptop or a dedicated industrial controller as the main control, freely choose wireless or wired connection and control, and display and store high-definition inspection videos in real time.

X5-HS CCTV Inspection Crawler Main Parts

X5-HS Crawler

Suitable for pipe DN300-3000


IP68 up to 10m water depth

Include pressure sensor, inclination sensor, roll and pitch sensor

Power supply: cable reel

Motor: 2x90W DC Speed: Max 32m/min Inclination: Max 45°

Light source: forward light 12X10W LED; backward 2X10W LED

Working ambient temperature: -10℃~50℃

Material: Brass nickel-plating stainless steel

Compatible with X5-H series camera

Dimension( LxWxH): 580x175x225mm

Weight: about 18.5 kg

Cable Reel

Cable length: 150m


4-pin cable, drawing anti-Kevlar 300 kg, imported polyurethane sheath, cable diameter <6mm, waterproof, wear, acid, corrosion.

Cable retracting automatically or manually

Accurate cable counter, devition within 1mm

Compatible with Easy-Sight X5-H series crawlers and X4 sonar inspection system

Protection class: IP63

Dimension( LxWxH): 570x395x475mm

Weight: about 67 kg( with 300m cable)

Main Controller

The main controller is pre-installed with PipeCCTV pipeline inspection and evaluation report software, which can control and operate the robot, video surveillance and recording, fill in the inspection records on site and interpret by screenshots, automatically evaluate, calculate and output inspection and evaluation reports that meet industry standards and local standards. It equipped with PipeSight pipeline inspection video evaluation report software, which can perform playback interpretation and evaluation report output, and archive output data according to project classification, for archiving or GIS system data connection. Besides, it equipped with PipeTracer pipeline detection positioning and tracking software, Draw pipe bottom slope curve and pipeline path curve in real-time measurement, and can derive longitudinal section diagram of pipeline deposition status.

HD P&T Camera

Pixel quality: ≥2 million pixels

IP68 up to 10m water depth

Working ambient temperature: -10℃~50℃

Light source: 4x 3W LED light

The radial rotation 360°,horizontal rotation ±135°,one click to reset

10X optical, 12X digital

Laser measurement for crack

Lens: color 1/3”, 2592*1520, CMOS, viewing angle 6.7°-68°,sensitive 0.1 lux, auto-focusing

Dimension( LxWxH): 155x95x90mm

Weight: about 1.5kg

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