Wire Cold Rolling Machine

Each part of the core institutions are high technology which lead the industry; full automatic change the finished wires in coil which greatly improving the production efficiency of the equipment; drawing part can change speed in two levels which can use full power of the motor, overall exchange frequency controlled; Combined with the latest foreign design structures, the whole machine designed as a whole structure, safety, small footprint, enhanced mechanical performance and equipment reliability; more humane design, flexible and convenient operation.

① Wire cold rolling machinehas advanced technology is introduced from Europe, lots of parts have patent for invention,the high efficiency also high endurance and humane designings are safe and reliable;

② High precision of PLC control, LCD display is easy for operating, have mighty graphics library, it is able to communicate with management software;

③ Wire diameter 5-12mm, speed 2.5m/s-12m/s;

④ All-in-one design is a space saving and easy mounting, ensure the automatic working, sanitary and environment protecting;

⑤ The overhead pay-off is used with coil wire turnover unit, power of the wire smoothen unit is adjustable,with an emergency stop system to stop the pay-off in case of loops forming on the upper deflection roll; space saving, efficiency high; vertical automatic wire collecting unit have patent for invention;

⑥ Self-locking reducer is used in the mechanical descaling unit, without reducer tooth broken, enlength the service life, stable operation, safe and sound with electrical parts;

⑦ Vertical and horizontal stirring shafta are mounted in the dry coating unit,ensure the efficiency of lubrication,increase the operation rate,sanitary and environment protecting;

⑧ Wire rolling machineis designed as double-three roll cassettes with 2*3 forks each to carry the rolls, uniformly forced, and is much more durable; rollers are made by tungsten carbide, enlength the service life; LED display is mounted on the head of rolling mill, easy regulation;internal circulation water cooling are used inside, leak-free,lubricate the rollers at the given time, convenient and safe, high operability, ensure stable operation. Having national patent for invention.

⑨ 2-speed Gearshift give full play to the motor efficiency, switching speed in large range;wire drawing roll are made by surfacing high-strength wear-resistant, prolonged wear-resisting;

⑩ TJK Wire Cold Rolling Machine have been sold more than 500 pcs around the world.

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