As a professional automatic coffee machinemanufacturer since 2005, Colet developed full range of fully automatic selfservice bean to cup coffee machines, which includes home fully automatic coffee machines, commercial fully automated coffee machines, professional automatic coffee maker and automatic coffee vending machines with grinder, provide a complete coffee supply solution for home, commercial, professional and vending coffee supply requirements.

With more than 15 years experience on development and manufacturing of fully automatic coffeemachines, Colet knows the different requirements on coffee taste between different countries and regions, and the different requirements on coffee machine technology and design between different usage scenarios. Based on this, Colet developed fully automatic coffee machines series with rich functional configurations, and our partners can choose these functional configurations freely for their required coffee machines, which including espresso, milk foam, hot water, cold water, and chocolate on professional automatic coffee machines. With these functional configurations, the coffee maker can combine beverages like espresso, hot americano, iced americano, cappuccino, mochaccino, latte macchiato, mocha coffee, chocolate coffee, milk chocolate, hot chocolate and so on. Contact us now to check more information about our all-in-one self service coffee machine price.

The disassembled milk system allows you to take it away from the self service bean to cup automatic coffee machineand wash by water directly, it is designed to meet high requirements for healthy and convenient maintenance during the use of the fully automatic coffee machine for home.

Automatic Self Service Coffee Machine List

Home Fully Automatic Coffee Machines

With rich functionality, compact size and good price, enable more home baristas affordable for a bean to cup espresso machine and enjoy the fresh brewed coffee. Fit with household family, small office, or restaurant with coffee demand inside 50cups/day.

Commercial Automatic Coffee Machines

Extended with big waste container, big bean container and water supply system, fit with commercial or vending coffee requirements like office, hotel, coffee shop, convenience store, restaurant,it is a perfect and low-cost solution for fully automatic commercial espresso machineand continuously coffee output requirement.

Professional Automatic Coffee Hot Chocolate Machines

Bean grinder, Brewer, Boilers are designed under commercial use standard, with Chocolate function, and Android operation system, fit with professional and commercial coffee supply requirement on faster and reliable coffee service, like luxury hotel, star grade restaurants and coffee shop chains.

Commercial Automatic Milk Steamer

Ideal equipment for coffee or milk tea shop to supply hot drinks quickly and easily. With high pressure steam and automatic temperature sensor, commercial automatic milk steamer not only produces barista standard milk foam for cappuccino and latte art, but also heat any hot beverages to exact temperature quickly.

Advantages of Self Service Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Long-term Professional

We specialize in the development and production of home and commercial fully automatic coffee machines since 2005.

R&D Capability and Investment

We own more than 30 new utility patents and inventive patents.

Rich OEM/ODM Experience

15 years OEM/ODM experience for overseas partners from more than 30 countries.

Good Price

We offer our partners high quality coffee machines with good price and high standard after service.

Quick Response

24/7 online technical support, within 12 hours inquiry reply.

Full Certifications

Approved by certifications available for most countries and regions.

Customer Testimonial of Colet Coffee Machines

Customer Testimonial1

Excellent and practical design of extendable accessories for commercial automatic coffee machines, now we can easily find Colet commercial automatic coffee machines in Korean cafe bar, office, restaurants, hotels and convenience stores.

Customer Testimonial2

I like the cappuccino produced by colet one touch cappuccino coffee machines, the dense milk foam, which can be used by latte art perfectly, and the espresso is also nice.

Customer Testimonial3

Very quiet machine, not like another sample from other coffee machine factory which has very harsh sound during bean grinding and coffee brewing process, the sound from colet coffee machine is very deep and evenly, which is very comfortable and friendly to users.

Customer Testimonial4

The price is very good for my market and business, but the quality and performance, I can say even better than other high price branded coffee machines, I guess it is because of Colet's long time development on coffee machines.

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