Small Slitter Rewinder Machine

Automatic slitting and rewinding machines are designed for all types of electronic films , adhesive tape, label, flexible packaging films, paper, etc. such as industrial tape, cellophane tape, protective film, copper foil, aluminum foil, OPP, PP, PE, PVC, etc. slitting and laminating, which are widely used in printing, packaging, electronics, plastics and other industries. These are also of very high accuracy and easy operation features.

The material of rubber covered roller, we use polyurethane to make it waterproof. Aluminum rod after hardness oxide adopted can protection materials and scratch-proof. The machine comes with shear knifes, adjustable from operator side. We keep updating not only in technology but also in the parts. About rectification, we use the most developed at that time of ultrasonic rectification. Insure slitting more accuracy.

There are 4 types slitting and rewinding machines can be chosen, according to the size of the processing material, 320mm, 650mm, 1300mm and 1600mm. HC-320 slitter rewinder machine is the best ideal adhesive label processing machine of the finished product. Such as sheet self-adhesive trademark, radium anti-fake trademark, terylene film trademark, etc. It is also professionally for slitting short raw material. The type of slitting and rewinding’s compact design with integrated unwind allows for easy install and space allocation. This machine is ideal for budget conscious flexible packaging converter looking for compact design. The others are suitable for large raw material processing. Besides the standard type of machines, we provide a customized design in this serial to accomplish the various industries.

High-Speed Slitting Rewinder

High speed slitting machines are a high speed, high precision equipments. High precision slitting machine are ideal for the high demand production of label sticker, flexible packaging materials, electronic protective film well as medical material. By adding PLC on the standard High precision slitting machine, the whole machine operation can be controlled via human-machine interface and all the tension can be added and subtracted automatically.SIEMENS PLC program ensures automatic control and easy operation, friction shaft makes rewinding effect excellent, servo driven mechanism keeps machine running in high precision, automatic pushing and unloading can save your exchange time, automatic blade can be set as a option.High speed precision slitting line is suitable for electric and optical industry. Beside the standard types of high speed slitting machines, we also provide customized slitting unit design in this serial to accomplish various industries.

We help our clients improve their supply chain by providing good quality tape slitting machine for sale with the most competitve slitter machine price. Contact us now for your next high speed precision slitting line project. We guarantee you will be impressed.

Raloyal, your loyal high speed slitting machine supplier partner.

Thermal Paper Slitting Machine

HC-T series slitting machine is a specialized machine for slitting thermal paper, bond paper, Cash register paper, Fax Paper, POS paper, ATM paper, and another small roll...According to the requirements of customers with different degrees of automation, for roll change, Raloyalhave a manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic roll model. Paper market demand is to grow year by year, Raloyal thermal paper slitting solution is not only suitable for new starts but also long history companies who want to increase productivity. Raloyal, your loyal converting supplier.

Ruian LoyalMachinery Co, Ltd., is a professional automatic slitting machine factory, we provide machine slitter, log slitting machine, surface rewinder machine, tape slitter machine, paper slitter, Loyal slitting machine, foam slitting machineand etc. Contact us to know more.

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