25 tons compression garbage truck


(1) Advanced and reasonable

The box adopts frame structure, high strength, two-way compression technology, and strong loading capacity. Through comprehensive control of electric, gas, and liquid systems, reliability and operating efficiency are improved. The engine speed output is automatically controlled, and the entire loading cycle can be achieved with one button , Can be equipped with various feeding devices, strong applicability;

(2) Sealed and environmentally friendly

Adopting labyrinth seal design and U-shaped top seal design, and anti-side leakage and anti-backflow devices are designed to effectively prevent secondary pollution;

(3) Simple and safe operation

Two operation modes, automatic and manual, PLC integrated control, reasonable program design, multiple safety devices for the vehicle design, such as safety circuit design for filler lifting, emergency stop button on the left side of the car body, interlocking of front and rear operation buttons System etc.


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