LG Wireless Charger


Meree's wireless chargers are designed with new wireless charging technology, offering you a simple way to charge your devices. When the LG wireless charger connects to a power source, you can put your onto the wireless charging pad, and it will begin charging immediately. With this wireless charging stand, you can say goodbye to tangled wires and do not need to take the charging cables with you anymore. No extra adapter is needed when you are out!


Wireless charging technology brings much convenience to life. Your mobile can be wirelessly charged through a non-metal protective case with the thickness up to 5mm. Thus, you don’t have to pull off the case every time you use the wireless charger. But this LG wireless car chargeronly supports mobile charging. It has no induction to other items in order to avoid power waste.


With the wireless charger, you can charge your when you are at home, work or somewhere else.


The wireless signal from the charging pad is harmless. In addition, the wireless charger has overheat and overcharging prevention. With the built-in smart chip, it is automatically adjust charging power according to ambient temperature and real-time electric quantity, to ensure the safety of charging.


Wireless charging not only makes it much more convenient to charge s, but also improve its efficiency. It allows you to enjoy the wired charging speed without using the charging cables.


Although this wireless charging pad is designed for smarts, it can be applied to different kinds of LG smarts with built-in wireless charging technology. It's also compatible for other brands’ s.

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