Control Arm

As the guidance and force transmission element of the car suspension system, the automotive control armtransfers all kinds of forces acting on the wheel to the body, and ensures that the wheel moves according to a certain trajectory. The car suspension control armconnects the wheel to the body flexibly by ball joint or bushing, respectively. Thecontrol arm(including the bushing and ball head connected with it) shall have sufficient stiffness, strength and service life.

Types Of Automotive Control Arms For Sale

Honda Control Arm

Honda cars are among the top sellers worldwide, thanks to their high value for money. On the control arm, the material is very thick bushing fastening durable.

Toyota Control Arm

For Toyota, our company has created numerous models, including upper control arm and lower control arm, including the Yaris, Echo, Corolla, VERSO, HILUX, HIACE, camry, and rav4.

Mazda Control Arm

Our brand-new Mazda front lower control arm kit is intended to make repairs simple. providing enhancements to the vehicle's alignment and handling.

Nissan Control Arm

NISSAN has a good sales volume in every country, and our company has correspondingly developed many control arms for NISSAN models, including sedan, MPV,SUV, etc., such as PICK, NAVARA, MARCH, TITAN, X TRAIL.

SUZUKI Control Arm

We have created more than 10 models for the Suzuki brand, including the ALTO, SWIF, SX4, and CARRY. Suzuki is mostly built on tiny automobiles.

Hyundai KIA Control Arm

In order to compete with other brands that are well-known in many different countries, Hyundai and Kia have created a big number of automobiles. As a result, our business has also created several similar model control arms.


Our business concentrates on the creation of automobile and SUV control arms, including the OUTLAND, LANCER, PAJERO, and GRANDIS for Mitsubishi Motors.

Chevrolet Control Arm

For Chevrolet's well-known vehicles including the Equinox, Camaro, and Trailblazer, we have a large range of tough control arms.

Opel Control Arm

Get the correct opel astra control arm to keep your car on its course! Find wholesale weapons of control with a ton of references.

How To Install Automotive Control Arm?

Suspension Arm Installation

The car control arm is generally connected with the body through the ball joint and bushing. See the 1,2,3 marks marked in the picture and fix them with screws.

Suspension Control Arm Installation

Therefore, when changing the control arm, the three screws should be removed first.We're going to get a whole new control arm

Auto Control Arm Installation

The first step is to remove the connection of the ball head. If it is rusty and cannot be removed, use lubricant.

Automotive Control Arm Installation

The next step is to remove the 2 bushing screws.This will allow the bad control arm to be removed from the car smoothly.

FAQS Of Automotive Control Arm

What do control arm do?

The control arm transmits the various forces acting on the wheels to the body and ensures that the wheels move according to a certain trajectory. The car control arm connects the wheel to the body flexibly by ball hinge or bushing, respectively.

Can you drive with a broken control arm?

The car control arm can not be opened after damage, because in the driving will produce different abnormal sound, especially the uneven road surface, there will be a lot of noise, the stability of the vehicle will be reduced, high speed driving will produce jitter, the need for timely repair, timely maintenance, to ensure the stability and comfort and safety of driving.

How much does it cost to replace a control arm?

The car control arm replacement cost is different for various car types, which can cost several hundred RMB.

How do you know your control arm is bad?

Driving can feel the chassis suspension loose, sometimes hear abnormal noise. The car is less stable at high speeds, less maneuverable and unable to stay straight.

What causes control arms to break?

In general, it is because the car is hit by something like a stone in the process of driving, which will cause the control arm of the car to break.

How long do control arms last?

Seven Years or 100,000 kilometers or so under safe driving conditions.

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