Control Arm Bushing

Car control arm bushings are used to connect the car bushing control armand chassis parts, automobile drive downswing, bumper can filter parts, rubber lining and all other things, there is a shelf life, after a few years time, rubber sets of ageing will crack and performance degradation, this time will need to be replaced, otherwise the chassis can be loud, the phenomenon such as steering wheel jitter. SAFE is a professional control arm bushing manufacturerwhich can offer kinds of aftermarket control arm bushings for customers to choose from.

Types of Control Arm Bushing For Sale

Honda Control Arm Bushing

Honda control arms are designed with strength & durability for terrains. Risus commodo viverra maecenas accumsan lacus vel facilisis.

How To Install Suspension Control Arm bushings?

Control Arm Bushing Installation

Buy a brand new car control arm bushing replacementis the first step of changing control arm bushings.

Bushing Arm Installation

Find a tube with a diameter smaller than the auto control arm bushings.

Control Arm Bushing Replacement

Measure the outer diameter of the car control arm bushing.

Adjustable Control Arm Bushings

Take out the Lower Control Arm.

FAQs of Car Control Arm Bushing

The control arm bushings is only damaged a little. Do you need to replace it?

It is recommended to replace car control arm bushing immediately because, after the crack of the rubber sleeve, its performance has been damaged, if not replaced, the complete damage of the control arms and bushings will be reflected as a more serious loss of the chassis.

How do I know if the bushings of the control armis damaged?

There is a tapping sound on the chassis.

The direction of the offset.

Steering wheel shake.

How long does the control arm bushings need to be replaced?

This depends on the road surface you are driving on. If the road is smooth, the application life of the control arm bushings will be longer, such as 5 or 8 years. If you are driving on a bad road, it may only be 2 or 3 years.

Now the arm bushing priceis reasonable, if you have needs to buy control arm bushing, please leave us a message.

If you want to know more kinds of car wheel suspension parts, please visit our website.

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