QC11K-NC Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine-E21S system

1. The design of the guillotine shear machine and cutter machine conforms to EU international standards.2. The fuselage eliminates internal stress by annealing and vibration, ensuring high strength and precision. 3. Using SOLID WORKS 3D programming to design all these products and made with enhanced ST44-1 quality steel with the latest technology.4. This QC11K NC shearing and cutting machine made by high-quality alloy tool steel which can meet the requirements of impacting load and high wear resistance when working. Backgauge is adjusted by HIWIN high-precision ball screw and linear guide driven by DELEM DAC360 CNC controller.5. Frequency converters prevent positioning device horizontal swinging, effectively Improving the positioning accuracy of X axis in working process.6. Rapid adjustment mechanism for rearranging blade clearance, rolling ball worktable to reduce friction and prevent work piece from scratching. Simple operation by hand and adjusting steplessly.7. Can read oil level easily by oil gauge.8. Detecting the cutting angle by the grating ruler.9. Front safeguard rail adopts opening door cut off power to ensure operational safety.


1. Estun E21s NC controller system.2. Ball screw accuracy of 0.01mm(HIWIN, TAIWAN).3. Oil tube connectors from EMB Germany.4. Steel whole casting, fuselage integral annealing.5. Steel mono-block construction.6. DELTA frequency converter.7. Hydraulic and electrical overload protection8. Standard electrics from Schneider, France.9. Oil tube connectors from EMB, Germany.10. Hydraulic valves from FIRST, America. 11. Oil pump from Sunny, America.12. Main motor from Siemens, Germany.13. Hydraulic and electrical overload protection.14. Light guards ensure the safety of operators during operation(optional).


ESTUN E21S NC Controller:

· High-definition LCD panel· Backgauge X-axis positioning· Control for general AC motors and frequency converters· X-axis intelligent positioning· Double programmable digital output· One-key backup and restore of parameters· Built-in time relay· Program memory of up to 40 steps, 25 steps each program· One side positioning· Retract function· Units:Mm/inch· Switch between Chinese and English
estun-e21s-nc-controller ESTUN E21S NC Controller: The system is embedded in the cabinet to make the system safer and more stable during transportation and operation.
Main motor: Siemens, Germanyguarantee long service life and low noise during the operation. main-motor
oil-pump Oil pump: Sunny, America
Ball screw&linear guide(optional): HIWIN,Taiwan ball-screw-linear-guide
hydraulic-valve Hydraulic Valve: FIRST, AmericaCasing tube: EMB, Germany
Electric: Schneider, France electric-schneider
foot-pedal Foot pedal: KACON,South Korea
Alloy cutter: Scientific proportioning of the alloy material can meet the requirement of the impacting load and high-value detainee interrogation group (hig) the war to hold generating the when working alloy-cutter
other-details Other details of the machine



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