US AB100-C30D11




IEC 30 A IEC Contactor

Zhonghaide(Fujian)Industrial Equipment Co.,Ltd.was founded in 2014 and located in Fuzhou city,Fujian province.It is a leading industrial automation equipment supplier.We have long-term direct business relations with foreign suppliers in many products,such as schneider,ABB and siemens etc.We have direct cooperation relations with factroy.This case will reduce the cost.The main products we deal:

US Honeywell Honeywell: TDC2000, TDC3000 ESD, S9000 series boards!

The United States AB system for example: 1771, 1746, 1756, 1785, etc. PLC module!

American Fox Polo FOXBORO: TRICONEX system, CUP, I/A, I/O series board!

Siemens SIEMENS: S5, S7, TI, etc. Discontinue production of DCS system PLC boards!

Germany REXROTH Rexroth servo drive, servo motor and all kinds of control board!

Swedish ABB robots DSQC, 3HAC all spare parts. 460, S500, S800, MOD full range of boards!

Germany E+H flow meter, GE Fanuc servo drive power module and board!

If you show interests in our products,please feel free to let me know:

Fujian Zhonghaide Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd

8th floor of SOHO B Building,

Zheng Rong Fortune Center, Wu Long Avenue

high-tech district, Fu Zhou city

Fu Jian province







 1756-DNB B
1756-DNB B
1756-ENBT A
1756-ENBT A T01
1756-ENBT/B A01
1756-ENET/B A01
1756-ENET/B A01
1756-ENET/B C01
1756-IA16/A G01
1756-IA16/A G01
1756-IB16/A G01
1756IF16 A
1756-IF16/A L01
1756-IF16/A L01
1756-IT612 A
1756-L541 C 7
1756-M13/1 C01
1756-L55/A F01
1756-L61 B
1756-L61 B
1756-L63 B
1756-MO8SE B
1756-OF6VI A
1756-OF6VI/A N01
1756-OW16I A L02
1756-PA75R A
1756-PA75R/A J01
1756-PA75R/A J01
1762-IQ16 A B
1768-ECR A 1
1769-IQ16 A 1

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