Electric Pruning Shears

Electric pruning tools, also called electric cutting shears or electric garden shearsuse rechargeable batteries and high-power brushless motors and these battery powered pruning shearsare widely used in gardens, nurseries, and other scenes. Just press the trigger of the electric pruner shear lightly and pruning is effortless. These electric powered pruning secateurs adopt ultra-light body design, wireless restraint, convenient to carry, strong power, which is an efficient pruning expert.

SUCA Electric Pruning Shears Types

SC-8601 25mm Small Electric Pruning Shears for Trees

Cordless electric pruning shears whose blades are forged from SK5 high carbon steel. The material is sharp and durable, and can easily cut branches of 0.98 inches/25 mm.

SC-8602 30mm Li-ion Battery Cordless Pruning Shears

SC-8602, with its compact and lightweight design, is especially suitable for women and the elderly. It can be easily trimmed and allows you to enjoy the trimming process.

SC-8603 28mm Battery Garden Pruning Shears

SC-8603 built-in 16.8V large capacity rechargeable battery and working time can reach 3-4 hours.

SC-8604 28mm Battery Pruning Shears with Power Display

The biggest difference between the SC-8604 and other electric scissors is the addition of an HD digital display, and the power and pruning times are clear at a glance.

SC-8605 40mm Battery Pruning Shears with Power Display & Progressive Cutting

Professional wireless 4cm electric pruning shears. With the new upgrade, reduce labor costs and say goodbye to traditional pruning methods. One machine for multiple uses meets different needs.

SC-8607 28mm Battery Powered Pruners

The adhesive handle and ergonomic comfort grip give users a better shearing experience.

SC-8608 32mm Rechargeable Pruning Shears with Extension Bar

Unique super light body design, with extension bar, can easily cut branches over 2 meters.

SC-8609 32mm 21V Electric Power Scissors

The new scissors optimize the internal structure and enhance the shear strength as an upgraded one.

SC-8610 28mm Electric Hand Pruner

The SC-8610 electric pruning shears will not hurt your hands. It can be used all year round to solve the injury of high-intensity work in the cold winter and heat.

SC-3601 30mm Electric Pole Pruning Shears

SC-3601 is a professional electric pruning tool designed for pruning trees, vines, shrubs, and shrubs. Equipped with a large-capacity battery, it can work outdoors for up to 10 hours, with light and practical scissors, effectively reducing the labor required for traditional pruning tools.

SC-3608 40mm Electric Pole Hand Pruning Shears

SC-3608 electric pruning shears are suitable for pruning branches of 40mm and below in orchards and vineyards. Its efficiency is 8-10 times that of a traditional manual pruning machine, and the prunin...

SC-3602 Hand Held Electric Pruning Shears (Max. 45mm)

Hand-held electric pruning shears, superpower brushless motor tree trimmer branch pruner, 2 pack 36V long-lasting lithium battery, SK5 blades, 45mm cutting diameter.

SC-3604 Professional Electric Tree Pruning Shears (Max. 50mm)

36V 4AH lithium battery-powered electric pruning shears electric scissors for hard branches 50mm with a blade made of SK5 high carbon steel, which is sharp and rust-proof.

SC-7605 Telescopic Extension Pole for Rechargeable Pruning Shears

SC-7608 extension pole, suitable for connecting with our pruning shears SC-8606, the pole can be connected quickly without any tools. So you can chop off the problematic branches, then pop them off th...

SC-7608 Telescopic Extension Pole for Battery Pruning Shears

SC-7608 is the supporting extension bar of SC-8605. The length of the pruner with the extension bar is about 2.1 meters, which can reach the top of the tall branch and the tall wood irrigator. It is v...

SC-3632 Telescopic Extension Pole for Hand Held Electric Pruning Shears

Extention 2.1m garden tool tree pruning tools telescopic aluminum handle tree pruner extension pole, which is used with SC-3602.It is easy to reach taller and thicker branches with pole scissors, and ...

SC-3633 Telescopic Extension Pole for Heavy Duty Pruning Shears

SC-3633 pole long handles garden pruning shear high trees electric secateurs. Adjustable high-quality aluminum alloy bar provides a comfortable grip for heavy pruners, easily reaches the ideal pruning...

SC-8608C 32mm

New professional cordless electric pruners, new color matching, new experience, 2 spare rechargeable lithium battery powered branch trimmers,32 mm cutting diameter,6-8 working hours. The weight of the...

SUCA Electric Pruning Shears Importance


In an efficient lifestyle, having an electric pruning machine greatly improves your work efficiency during your pruning process.


The electric grafting toolchanges the pruning method of manual pruning, makes pruning simple, fast, and effective, and makes pruning work interesting.


The electric pruning and trimming machine has a wide range of applications and is suitable for a variety of scenarios, and can be used for various pruning of gardens, nurseries, fruit trees, etc.


Due to its wireless design and lightweight body, the electric garden shear becomes portable and you will not feel sore even after long-term use.

SUCA Electric Pruning Shears Use

The operation of the electric pruning scissors is very simple. Put the branches to be cut between the blades of the battery-operated secateurs, and press it lightly, and the end branches can be cut in one second.

So making the garden beautiful is also very simple. The first step is to remove deadwood or diseased branches from the plant. Next, remove all unwanted growths, including tall branches, new branches growing from the ground, and any branches that protrude from the main part of the plant. You can easily trim according to your preferences, the efficiency is greatly improved with SUCA electric branch pruning shears.

SUCA Electric Pruning Shears FAQs

1What is the electric pruning machine for?

Electric secateurs pruning shears are used to cut dead branches or make plants more beautiful.

2How do you pick good pruning shears?

3What should I look for in garden shears?

4What do we use to cut flowers?

If you want to know more about electric pruning shears price, please contact us.

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