VRLA Battery

Dongjin is one of the most professional valve regulated rechargeable batterysuppliers. Valve-regulated lead-acid battery (vrla rechargeable battery) is also called sealed lead-acid (SLA) or maintenance free battery. There are 2 types of agm vrla batteryfrom Dongjin Group(vrla battery manufacturers in china): absorbent glass mat (AGM) and gel cell. The gel batteries and AGM batteries of VRLA can be mounted in any orientation, and do not require constant maintenance. A VRLA battery utilizes a one-way, pressure-relief valve system to achieve a "recombination" technology.

Deep Cycle, Deep Discharge Applications




Electric Vehicles


Golf Cars

Portable Power

Floor Scrubbers

Personnel Carriers

RenewableEnergy(Solar, Wind)Village Power

Commercial Deep Cycle Applications

Marine & RV House Power

Standby and Emergency Backup Applications


Cable TV

Emergency Lighting

Computer Backup

Renewable Energy

Frequency Regulation

Tele Switching

Other Applications

Race or High Performance Cars

On-Highway Trucking

Off-Road Vehicles

Wet Environments

Marine & RV Starting

Diesel Starting

Vehicles with Start-Stop Systems

RLA batteries are rechargeable batteries based on AGM (Liquid Absorbing Glass Fiber Board) technology and calcium grid plates. They have superior high-current discharge characteristics and long service life. Because the VRLA battery is fully sealed, it will not leak acid, and during charging and discharging, it will not emit acid mist like old-fashioned lead-acid batteries to corrode equipment and pollute the environment. It does not need to add water in use.

VRLA batteries are widely used and can be used in power tools, emergency lights, UPS, electric wheelchairs, computers and communication channel equipment.

Our development team combines the market's demand with design optimization, precision component selection, and state-of-the-art manufacturing process to produce the most cost-effective battery solution for today's various energy-related systems. Dongjin VRLA (Gel and AGM) products have the reputation of being the high-quality VRLA batteries.

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