Nylon66 Filter Cartridge

Product Description of

Using nylon(N6 / N66) micro-filtration membrane as filter medium, has high filtration precision, hydrophilic, easy to wetting,good strength&toughness, excellent chemical compatibility, especially suitable for various kinds of solvents, chemicals filtering.

Performance features about

Limited dissolved matter, high adsorption features

Low cost, high flow rate

High filtration accuracy, long service time, can repeat sterilization

Products by 100% integrity test when factory inspection

filter membrane is hydrophilic/hydrophobic

Extremely low precipitates

Wide chemical compatibility

Excellent application under high temperature condition

Proteins can be intercepted

Typical applications:

Sterile filtration of raw material medicine, injections, infusion and other drug;

Terminal sterile filtration of food, drink & wine;

Terminal filtration of photoresist, chemical reagent, etc.

Terminal filtration of water-based ink

Quality assurance of :

ISO9001: 2008 guaranteed quality management system;

Traceability management system of each filter;

Filter elements are flushed and pass integrity test before filter elements are left from the factory;

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