Use Sinorock’s self drilling anchor System for the Stabilization of your construction

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With the amount of new construction happening around the world ,and the use of Self drilling anchors will likely increase with the new,
innovative designs.Self drilling anchors are made from a variety of types and grades of steel to suffice for the abundance of applications
.Use of the Sinorock’s self drilling anchor System  for the Stabilization of your construction.As an important form of reinforcement in
geotechnical engineering, Sinorock self drilling anchor System supporting is safe, effective, and economical, etc.
As an efficient placing approach,self-drilling anchor palys a significant role in supporting rock mass to prevent deformation and
excavation,buildings,roadway,bridges,large equipment are all established on the rock, so the stabilization of rock layer will be extremely
Besides,as an practical and reliable placing solution,Sinorock has been extensively applied in the mining,tunneling,foundation
support,hydroelectric project and roadway support project and so on,with so many years of exploration and development,the techniques of
the installation of self drilling anchor has became skillful and been trusted by our customers around the world.

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