Flat Ear Loop

Ear loop for surgical face masks is made of spandex and polyester fibers.

The Overview of Flat Ear Loop

Flat ear loop for surgical face masks are made of spandex and polyester fibers. There are No chemicals are added in the process. The frequently-used width of our flat elastic band are 3.0MM-5.0MM, the specification can be customized in accordance to client requirements. Our flat ear band are in most cases used in the manufacturing of disposable face masks, children's face masks, medical disposable masks, surgical protective masks. We have elastic cord for sale, if you need please contact us.

Polyester and spandex filaments are made of oil-free, yellowish, odorless raw materials, barring fluorescent ingredients, which meet the requirements of medical application products. The fabric ear loop has the characteristics of exceptional uniformity, excellent elasticity, wonderful tension and much less rebound. The ear lopop surface are lint free, none inflammation to the facial or skin, so it won't occur allergic reactions, etc..

Cycloidal packaging avoids the troubles of ear loop winding and knotting. It greatly improves the production effectivity of face masks producers and avoids the entanglement and dead knot of ear loop after pulling out. It is more convenient and labor-saving to use, which greatly saves the production fee and reduces the loss and costs of the face mask factory.

Flat Elastic Cord Features

We purchasing the elastic ear loop materials from well-known big suppliers , these suppliers produce polyester and spandex filaments without stain ,yellowing ,odor ,etc.the bigger suppliers implement standardized production operations.quality stability,regular operation,quality assurance,this will ensure that our raw material supply is safety and reliable, the flat elastic loop from their raw materials are not yellowish and contain no fluorescent ingredients,which confirm to the standard of medical raw material .

Our company develops its own ultrafine knitting head.then mix with high quality polyester and spandex fiber ,the textile ear loop has the characteristics of fine uniformity,good tensile,and small retraction ratio,the most obviously feature is that the ear loop can not bring burrs ,it won’t cause irritation to the facial and ear skin,do not engender allergic reactions,etc..

In the production of ear loop products,the most important material to determine the pulling force is spandex,we use high quality polyester to make ear loop with a elogation arrives to 280% to 290% and the rebond rate is less than 120%.

In addition,our company uses a new type of cycloidal direct packaging .this avoids the trouble of ear loop winding and knotting as far as possible .it greatly improves the productivity of face mask manufacturers and reduce the proportion of defective products ,cycloidal packaging pulls out the ear loop directly after open the package carton.the ear loop adopts the S-shaped discharge mode instead of the previous spiral placement mode,which avoids the entanglement and dead knot of the ear loop after pulling out.

Flat Elastic Band Application

Surgical face masks,medical face mask,BFE 99 face mask,N95 face masks,FFP2 face masks.

Our flat elastic band are often used in medical face masks , it is made of superfine polyester fiber and spandex fiber .no yellowing ,no odor,they are non-toxic,non-irritating and have a uniform and delicate on the surface of the flat elastic band,and have good tensile strength. it has played a good supporting role in helping a large number of face masks manufacturers to develop their products .

Flat Elastic Ear Loop Description

Ear loop is made of crochet needle without any chemical material in it, the product has characteristics of softness, symmetry and uniformity.

Professional Manufacturer & Supplier

We are a professional sensi factoryin Anhui, China for over 10 years. We produce good quality face mask raw material at good price. You will certainly find our product is what you are looking for!

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