TGL-18C High Speed Desk-top Centrifuge

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<p >Compressor, drive system use converter brushless motor, it can use in Medicine, agriculture, and other fields of science experiments, analytical work, in the genes, proteins nucleic acids and other research. </p>
<p > </p>
<p >1. Small size, and elegant shape, it is with low noise, high separation efficiency, high precision. </p>
<p >2. Use converter brushless motor and electronic door. </p>
<p >3. It uses advanced technology nanotechnology. </p>
<p >4. Body was made of metal. </p>
<p >5. Patented </p>
<p >* Cutting-edge equipment: </p>
<p >* All computer control variable-frequency motor, with precise run speed. </p>
<p >* Self control electronic door lock. </p>
<p >* Elastic Open type hinged, the door can stay on any angle. </p>
<p >* Have damping device and automatic adjustment of motor imbalance. </p>
<p > </p>
<p >Spec: </p>
<p >Timer Range: 0min ~ 99min </p>
<p >Noise: Power: 220v 50Hz (110V option) </p>
<p >Whole Power: 250Ww </p>
<p >Speed range: 100~18000 RPM </p>
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<p >There are many other laboratory centrifuges such as Mini <a href="" >lab Centrifuge</a>, High Speed Refrigerate Centrifuge, Low Speed <a href="" >Laboratory Centrifuge</a>, Large Capacity Centrifuge and Haematocrit Centrifuge and so on. </p>
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<p >Any questions about laboratory centrifuge, please feel free to <a href="" >contact us</a> any time as you like. We are pleased to service for you. </p>

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