KJMR-IVA Blood Mixer and KJMR-IV Blood Mixer

KJMR-IVA Description:

KJMR-IVA is the upgrade model of KJMR-IV Digitally controlling on the speed and time is applied to this new model on the basis of the old model function which is clearly displayed by LED. It would be more convenient for the operator and improve the accuracy of the experiment.


Rotation Speed: 5-35 r/min

Timing range: 0-999min

Tube Qty: 1-24 pcs

Angle of Inclination: 38º

Voltage: AC 100-240V(50/60Hz)

Power Rating: 10W

Operation mode: Continuous/Timing

KJMR-IV Description:

The KJMR-IV Blood Mixer is specially designed for vacuum blood tube mixing. It is an ideal instrument of

blood corpuscle analyzer and blood flow analyzer for full sample mixing in laboratories with high mixing efficiency and consistency.

The instrument is made of silicone rubber which can well protect the surfaces of the vessels.


Rolling Speed: 6-32 rpm

Tube Qty per : 1-24 pc

Angle of Inclination: 38°

Voltage: AC220V (50/60Hz)

Power Consumption: 12W

Working System: continue

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