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The hangar door refers to the door specially set for the aircraft to enter and exit the hangar. Due to the large size of the door opening and PVC door body, the structure, material selection, driving mode and installation of the hangar doors are quite different from the industrial doors of related structures.

The sliding hangar door designis especially suitable for hangars and shipyard facilities and harsh seaside environments. Due to the unique design and structure, normally, this kind of PVC rolling shutter is windproof and its security level is high, which can meet the security needs of large-scale manufacturing. In addition, it is also typically equipped with a built-in security monitoring system and access control.

Xinyi's roll up hangar doorsare designed with almost no moving parts and require very little maintenance. There are almost no restrictions on size or configuration. In the design of the hangar gate, the width is not limited.

Our hangar door design solution is not only the best choice for new hangar door installation. It is also the best way to modernize the old hangar to ensure that its doors are closed in compliance with the strict requirements of national regulations and design. In many cases, by adding an extension to the front of the hangar, larger aircraft can be accommodated, resulting in additional greater economic benefits and faster return on investment.

The hangar door of the entrance system is designed with great flexibility, allowing two-shaped hangars and special appearances. Whether it is new installation or renovation, it is easy to integrate into the construction of the design plan. The precise design of the door and the lightweight building structure are very easy to integrate into the design of the original building foundation, and the installation process is simple and quick. Its innovative design not only contributes to its long-term reliability, but also contributes to the flexibility of the door, and can even be reused in temporary installations that require subsequent disassembly.

As a reliable industrial door company, we can offer kinds of industrial doors for sale, if you have needs, please contact us.

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