Payroll Service

More and more enterprises are choosing to outsource theirfunction to maintain their competitive edge. Outsourcing your payroll function can enable you to focus on your core business activities, access to external expertise on labor and tax laws and regulations, reduce your risks and cost, and keep your compensation system confidential.

To ensure yourpayroll outsourcing chinafunction being timely, accurately, and legally completed, ourlee&leeexperienced professionals can

a) coordinate with your HR manager or other contact person,

b) collect all relevant information on basic salary, bonus, time records, social welfares, etc., for each of your employees,

c) calculate IIT payable, net salary, welfare payable, etc.

d) coordinate with relevant governmental bodies and pay various social welfares on your behalf,

e) make payment of IIT to tax authority and obtain tax payment certificates

f) make payment to each of your employees

g) update your top management with any latest laws and regulations on social welfares or tax, and

h) provide HR and individual income tax advisory where necessary.

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