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Biodegradable Sugarcane Bagasse Food Tray

Big Size 30x30cm Eco Tray




Foodservice - Compostablebiodegradabletraysare made of plants rather than plastic. We are proud that we have our own sustainable supply chain. Our safe products are made of sustainable materials under quality-controlled conditions. Minimum waste and maximal transport efficiency are guaranteed in our company.


The biodegradable tray for food packing is heat resistant and portable. Biodegradable trays with lidsis made by a high-heat and high-pressure process. The biodegradable meal trayproduct is great for hot, wet or oily foods as well as being sturdy and economic. Also, sugarcane bagasse tray is good for entertaining, catering, camping, hotel, party, wedding and so on.


Biodegradable food trayscan be refrigerated in the refrigerator, or heated in the microwave and oven. Specially formulated products can be frozen at -104F for 24h and -68F can be refrigerated for 30 days. biodegradable serving trayscan be baked at 491F for 45 minutes.


Biodegradable food trays can also be PFAS-Free, oil proof and waterproof.


Biodegradable Tray for Cut fruit in Supermarket

In the past, we saw that the cut fruits in the supermarket were placed in plastic trays for the convenience of customers. If you buy these fruits for children, will you consider whether these plastic trays are safe? When you see that these disposable serving trays are made of sugarcane bagasse, a biodegradable eco friendly food packaging, which has not undergone any chemical treatment and is very safe for young children, I believe eco friendly biodegradable food trays will be more attractive to you and you will be more assured when you buy.

Now the price of eco packaging wholesaleis affordable, if you have needs, please contact us.

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