FRP Grating Ground and Walkway

FRP Gratings Floors Keep Workshop Clean

FRP grating walkway:

Plants like chemical plants and steel mills always have many walkways, and some are between the equipment, and some are for routing inspection. Those walkways used to be welded from round steels, however, because of corrosion, they need anti-corrosion coating every year. SARE Company's FRP grating walkways do not need maintenance, and they can keep their bright colors, along with the non-slip sanding surface, making FRP gratings the best choice as the outdoor aisle during the northern snow season.

There are green FRP grating ways between two columns of big equipment.

The FRP grating walkways between equipment have non-slip surface to protect workers.

There is a yellow pultruded FRP grating as the walkway among those messy machine bracket.

Pultruded FRP gratings with high tensile strength and anti-skid surface could ensure employees' safety.

FRP grating double floor:

Several pieces of grey FRP gratings make up a large FRP floor over the concrete ground.

The FRP grating double floor could help separate the finished products and offscum, so as to keep the workshop clean.

In many corrosive workshops, like the refining plant of pulp mills and the electroplating workshop of electroplating factories, traditional operation method is that the after operators finished products, offscum and waste liquor are on the same floor, which are very inconvenient and easy to damage the floor. The double floor uses SARE Company's FRP gratings as the top floor and building substrate as the lower floor. The operators work and walk on the FRP grating floor and the finished products are put on it, then the offscum and waste liquor would be discharged to the lower substrate floor. And those wastes would be washed away by strong sprinkles.

FRP boat deck:

Using SARE Company's FRP gratings as the boat deck and gangway material could greatly reduce the weight of the deck, then increase the cargo capacity of the boat, as well as resist the seawater's corrosion. What's more, its excellent diamagnetism is more suitable for the minesweepers.

A piece of brown FRP grating acts as a part of the boat deck in the middle part of the boat.

Using FRP gratings as boat deck could reduce the weight of deck, then increase the loading capacity.

Yellow pultruded FRP gratings are acting as the gangway of a factory, and there are yellow FRP fences alongside.

Using FRP gratings as gangway material could greatly reduce the weight of gangway itself, so as to increase its loading capacity.

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