Chemical name: 3-Morpholinopropylamine

Trade brand: WHAMINE MPA

CAS No.: 123-00-2

Molecular formula: C7H16N2O

Molecular weight: 144.1

Synonyms: N-(3-Aminopropyl)morpholine, 3-morpholinopropan-1-amine

Properties Of 3-Morpholinopropylamine


Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid

Melting point: -15.0 °C

Boiling point: 220.0 °C

Density: 0.99 g/mL at 25° C (lit.)

Solubility: 3-Morpholinopropylamine is soluble in water.

Application Of 3-Morpholinopropylamine

3-Morpholinopropylamine is always used in synthetic fibers.

Package And Storage Of 3-Morpholinopropylamine

170kgs or meeting the request of the customers.

3-Morpholinopropylamine should be stored for one year in shady room and dry place.

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