Palmity Tri-methyl Ammonium Chloride

Features of Palmity Tri-methyl Ammonium Chloride

Product Name: Palmity tri-methyl ammonium chloride

Chemical Formula: C21H46ClN


Dangerous Grade: Non-dangerous

Technical Data of Palmity Tri-methyl ammonium chloride




Colorless to light yellow paste


No smell

Color Klett

PH value

(1% solu,25℃)

  1. -9.0

Active matter %


Free amine content%

Package and storage

200kg drum

Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat sources. Prevent direct sunlight. Keep the container sealed. Should be stored separately from oxidants and acids. Storage areas should be equipped with spill emergency treatment equipment and the suitable container.

Application /Application Industries

Used in shampoos, hair care products, architectural coatings, fabric softeners, etc.

It is used as a bactericide in industrial water treatment such as petroleum, papermaking, food processing, and textiles. It can be used as the antistatic agent in natural and synthetic fibers, plastics, papermaking and other industrial. Or used as the leather softener, fiber softener, coating agents, emulsifiers for bitumen and high-temperature water-in-oil emulsified slurry, anti-sticking agents in the rubber industry, organic synthesis catalysts, corrosion inhibitors for metals and alloys, dispersant, coagulant, duckweed killer. It has good compatibility with cationic, nonionic and amphoteric surfactants.

This product is used to emulsify silicone oil and conditioner emulsifiers. It can be used to soften and segregate paper, or as a corrosion inhibitor in the pickling industry.

In daily chemical industry, it is used in conditioners (hair rinses) and hair conditioners.

Most widely used as phase transfer catalyst in pharmaceutical synthesis and fine chemical industry. It is also widely used in asphalt and waterproof coating emulsification.

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