Low-Iron Glass

Ultra Clear - Low-Iron Glass

Low Iron Glass Product Description


low iron tempered glass


Clear float glass


tempered glass low iron glass

Glass type



high-clarity ultra clear



Size range

Min: 300mm X 300mm Max:2440mm X 3660mm

Edge type

Flat, pencil, beveled ,polished D, C, ogee

Quality Certificate

EN12150 ,  BS6206 , ISO9001 , ROHS , REACH

Payment term

30% TT in advance as deposit, 70% against shipping


flat, bent


table top, swtich panel

Tempered Low iron Glass, , Ultra Clear Price

Product Introduction

Low-iron glass is a type of high-clarity glass that is made from silica with very low amounts of iron. This low level of iron removes the greenish-blue tint that can be seen especially on larger and thicker sizes of glass.

Low-iron glass is used for aquariums, display cases, some windows, and other applications where clarity is desired.

What is the difference between Low Iron and Clear Float glass?

Our core colour range uses two types of glass:- Low Iron or Diamant glass which is 99% crystal clear glass- Clear Float or Float glass which has an inherent green tinge to it.

Both types of glass have the same performance levels; the only difference is that Low Iron glass is suitable for whites and off-white colours, matching to Resene or Dulux colours, and is more expensive. Whereas the Float glass affects lighter colours due to the green tinge.

Low Iron Glass Product Features

As the ultra-white glass raw materials generally contain less impurities such as NiS, in the raw material melting process control fine, making the ultra-white glass relative to ordinary glass has a more uniform composition, its internal impurities less, thus greatly reducing the possible after the steel The probability of blew.

Since the iron content in the raw material is only 1/10 or less of the ordinary glass, the ultra white glass absorbs less of the green band in the visible light than the ordinary glass, ensuring the consistency of the glass color.

Ultra-white glass relative to ordinary glass on the visible light in the red and purple band absorption less

6mm thickness of the glass is greater than 91% of the visible light transmittance, with crystal clear crystal quality, so that the display is more clear, more highlights the true appearance of exhibits.

UV should be removed in general ultra-white glass does not have this feature, the UV transmittance higher than ordinary glass.


Visible Light     Transmittance

Visible Light     Reflectivity

Solar     Transmittance

Solar     Reflectivity

Visible-Infrared     Transmittance

Ultraviolet     Transmittance



























Product application

Ultra-white glass can be like other float glass for a variety of deep processing, such as steel, bending, plastic, hollow assembly. Ultra-white glass's superior visual performance will greatly enhance these processing glass functions and decorative effects. Therefore, ultra-white glass has a wide range of uses and broad market prospects.

Ultra-white glass is mainly used in high-grade construction, high-grade glass processing and solar photovoltaic curtain wall and high-grade glass furniture, decorative glass, crystal products, lighting glass, precision electronics industry (copiers, scanners), special buildings。

In China, the application of ultra-white glass is rapidly expanding, in high-grade construction and special buildings on the application has opened the situation, such as the Beijing National Grand Theater, Beijing Botanical Garden, Shanghai Opera House, Shanghai Pudong Airport, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, Nanjing Chinese Art Center and so on hundreds of projects are applied ultra-white glass. High-end furniture and high-level decorative lighting also began a large number of applications of ultra-white glass。

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