Sports LED Display —— SO Series

SO Series

Pixel Pitch: 10mm/12mm/16mm 

Cabinet Size: Customized Size 

Brightness: >7000nits 

Material: Aluminum 

Application: Outdoor Perimeter Advertising 

Reliable all-weather proof, user-friendly mechanical design and clear image repreduction under direct sunshine, all these great features makes SO series occupying a firm position for all kinds of outdoor stadium applications such as football stadium, horse racing,rugby and criket etc. Customized cabinet size and wide range of pixel pitch will offer you more possibilities.  

High Brightness and High IP Level

High brightness of 7500nit makes the screen showing vivid and bright image even under direct sunshine. The super high IP65 waterproof level secures the LED screen trouble-free operation in heavy rains. Adaptive to all kinds of tough weathers. 

High Refresh Rate, Live Switching No Pressure

Cinstar outdoor perimeter display is with high refresh rate and high contrast ratio, which ensuring clear photograph and Zero-defect live switching. HD image representation, no water wave, no flikering, super display effect for live video and TV commnunication.  

Athlete Protection Design, Higher Safety Level

All Cinstar outdoor perimeter screens are with special designed rubber module mask and soft cushion at each top of cabinet to prevent severe hurt to athletes when collision happens. It is crucial for football arena application.  

Excellent Heat Dissipation

Each cabinet has four thervoments to make sure a perfect air flow and cooling effect. Each thervoment is with extended shield to prevent leaking when it is raining. Together with aluminum material cabinet frame, the heat dissipation is 100% guaranteed, even it is placed under burning sunshine.

Viewing Angle Adjustable

In order to satisfy the best shooting image, the ground support frame can be adjusted to different angles to cater to main cameras shooting and spectators. The adjustable angles including 60°,65°,70°,75°,90°

Fast Installation Design

Each cabinet is with two portable side handles which highly ease the unpack&pack work. Saves energy to lift and carry. The side location pins make positioning much easier and in return to guarantee the fast cabinet connection with the fast locks. These simple but practical designs will immensely save much installation time and labor cost. 

Front Maintenance Optional

The standard version is with rear service. But if front service is needed, it can be done. Front maintenance version is more convenient to operate and save much dismantle and assembling time. 

Support Multi-media format Input

Cinstar LED screen supports most video formats input. It displays texts, images, time and temperature, pictures, graphics, videos etc in real-time. High definition image reproduction and big viewing angle assist to present a visual feast to all the spectators.

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