Deep circulation gel cell is very common in various fields, and it mainly has the three types.

Types of Deep Cycle Gel Batteries

  1. battery gel deep cycle:

No free electrolyte, no maintenance

Designed floating service life: 15 years at 25°C

Wide operating temperature range of -15° C-35 °C

The electrolyte of pure gel battery eliminates acid stratification and extends the cycle life

Low self-discharge rate: ≤ 3% / month.

Sealed gel batteries are maintanance-free, robust in structure, provide the highest level of reliability and performance, and have excellent deep discharge durability and excellent charging performance, making them the best choice for batteries in industrial projects.

In some parts of the world where electricity is unstable, high capacity backup power is needed. Sealable gel batteries provide high capacity backup power and true deep cycling performance. It requires no maintenance and is ideal for areas with unstable power supplies.

It is very popular in solar energy systems because it has the following characteristics:

Best suited for deep cycle applications, they usually have a life span of 500 to 5,000 cycles

Maintenance free

Leak prevention

Minimum corrosion, so it is compatible with sensitive electronic equipment

Durable and vibration resistant

Very safe, because the risk of sulfuric acid combustion is small

Minimum monthly cost (life cycle/cost)

Lowest single cycle cost (cost/life cycle)

Small self-discharge, good deep discharge performance, strong charging receptivity, small potential difference up and down, large capacity. In the low temperature start-up ability, charge retention ability, electrolyte retention ability, cycling endurance ability, vibration resistance, temperature resistance and other aspects of the performance is significantly improved. Stored at 20℃ room temperature for 2 years, it can be put into operation without charging.

Extensive adaptation to environment (temperature)

The gel battery for sale can be used in the temperature range from -40℃ to 65℃. Especially, it has good low temperature performance and is suitable for alpine areas. Good aseismic performance, can be used safely in all kinds of harsh environment. Not limited by space, can be placed in any direction when using.

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