Bre-Wooden Base Mini Art Electric Ultrasonic Diffuser WithLight

Drawing inspiration from picturesque sunsets,Our Bre Diffuser combinesfunctionality and style to create a sophisticated decor piece that will enhanceany space. Designed as both a stylish lighting piece and a sophisticated

ultrasonic diffuser, Bre's elegant oval-shaped ceramic cover creates an ambientlight display whilst filling the air with fragrance.

Features of Bre-Wooden Base Mini Art Electric Ultrasonic Diffuserwith Light

. Simple and Natural Design

This series of mini ultrasonic electric diffuser wholesale is equipped with a beautiful handcrafted ceramic top with a naturalbamboo base. The capacity of this mini air diffuser wholesale is 180ml and this mini ultrasonic diffuser is recommended for roomsup to 250sq.Ft.

. Designod for Light Sleeper

This mini aromatherapy diffuser is equipped with a 3-level dimmer warm night and breathing light and this small aromatherapydiffuser / small aroma diffuser does not make any annoying console beeps.

. Adjustable mist mode

9hrs in continuous mode or over18hrs in intermittent mode (30s on and 30s off),4 interval timers: 1hrs, 3hrs,8hrs and alwayson. It can be a mini aromatherapy diffuser for desks and this small desk humidifier has a smart waterless auto shut-off function

. Eco-friendly

The mini aroma diffuser & humififier by air diffuser supplier is designed to use essential oils effectively and the design of thismini aroma diffuser is BPA-Free and Eco-friendly.

MOZZIN is a professional essential oil diffuser supplier, we provide personal office desk humidifier, mini bre, mini ultrasonic diffuser, custom oil diffuserand etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.

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