Mini Peristaltic Pump

Small peristaltic pump BJ-RZ1030-4 was composed of high precision stepper motor to achieve reliable performance on small flow rate transfer and flip-top mechanism pump head to achieve fast tube loading, one-touch installation and small footprint make it very popular in compact space-saving instrument to dispense few milliliter fluids.

Specification of Mini Peristaltic Pump

Model No.



Pump Roller

POM 4 rollers (low pulse)

POM 4 / 8 rollers (low pulse)

Pump Head Material

ABS engineering plastic


Motor type

NMB 1.8° 42 stepper motor

NMB 1.8° 42 stepper motor

Input voltage

24V DC

24V DC

Rated Current

Max Power

Motor Speed



Flow Range


Tubing Size

  1. WT0.8-1.0mm OD≤5mm
  2. WT0.8-1.0mm OD≤5mm

Tubing Life

Silicone≥200H BPT Rubber≥1000H Viton≥1000H

Silicone≥200H BPT Rubber≥1000H Viton≥1000H

Pressure Rating

Up to 2 bar(30psi)

Up to 2 bar(30psi)

Working Environment

0-40℃, ≤80% non-condensing

0-40℃, ≤80% non-condensing

Max DB




About 5 meters

About 5 meters

Dimension (L*W*H)



Net Weight



As one of mini peristaltic pump suppliers, we can offer sorts of small oem peristaltic pumpsfor sale, if you have needs, please contact us.

RUNZEFLUID, a professional microfluidic components supplier, offers a complete product range of microfluidic instrumental components including industrial syringe pumps, multiposition valves, plastic fittings, peristaltic pumps, fluidic tubing, gastight syringes, OEM molding parts, which play an important role in fluid analytical instrument prototyping and production, like water, blood, chemicals, diathermic oil, etc.

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