Constant Velocity Joint

Constant Velocity Jointis the advantage product of BOYA, which is very welcomed by design institutes. Because of the characteristics of high accuracy, constant speed, stable movement, long working life and so on, universal joint shaft is accepted by more and more customers. Both drum-gear coupling and cross shaft universal coupling can be substituted by constant velocity shaft completely with its reliable capacity and high-cost performance. BOYA constant velocity joint is used in steelmaking, continuous casting, hot rolling and cold rolling in the steel industry and performs very well. Our constant velocity drive shaft are also widely applied to a driven system of leveler, mill and other equipment in the non-ferrous industry.

Details of constant velocity universal joint

BOYA gets many patents of the constant velocity joint.

BOYA company gets many patents of the constant velocity joint boots, such as short-type constant velocity joint, ball cage clutch, large expansion ball cage universal joint and self-aligning ball cage consistent universal coupling, etc.

Types of Constant Velocity Joint

Ball Joint Bearing for Petrochemical Industry

BOYA's ball joint shafts are widely used in the field of electric and diesel drives for oil drilling and production. The CV ball joint used are fracturing skids, pumping machines (commonly known as kettles), workover machines, drilling rigs, cementing machines, mud pumps, turntables, winches, oil special vehicles, etc. In response to the characteristics of petroleum equipment that cannot be easily adjusted and moved, BOYA has developed BHJ-F and BHJ-E ball joint drive shafts that are highly durable, short, and easy to install and replace.

CV Joint Bearing For Steel and Non-ferrous Metal Industries

The main CV joint bearing is ball cage type, designed and developed BJ, BHJ, BJS, BC, DOJ five categories, compared to NTN, the model specification is more complete, for different fields, use conditions, almost all can choose the appropriate coupling. In the field of vehicles, unlike NTN's route to the main engine, BOYA Drive Shaft focuses on the field of special vehicles, with larger model specifications and the ability to adapt to greater torque carrying capacity, resulting in outstanding competitive advantages in the field.

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