charcoal water filter uv light sterilizer price pond uv filters for crop farming

charcoal water filter uv light sterilizer price pond uv filters for crop farming

uv light sterilizer details:




uv light sterilizer Technology

The Science of Ultraviolet Light

Light is electromagnetic radiation, or radiant energy traveling in the form of waves. Ultraviolet (UV) energy is found in the electromagnetic spectrum between visible light and x-rays and can best be described as invisible radiation. The energy employed for UV water treatment is further categorized into two primary levels measured as wavelengths - 254nm and 185nm, where nm = 1/1000 of a micron. For disinfection and ozone destruction applications, the 254nm wavelength is utilized. For TOC reduction and chlorine destruction applications a unique wavelength is utilized. 






The UV light penetrates the outer cell wall of the microorganism, passes through the cell body, reaches the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and alters the genetic material. The microorganisms are thereby destroyed in a non-chemical manner (Figure 1). The 254nm UV light is also used to destroy residual ozone present in a water stream. The 185nm UV light, utilized in TOC reduction applications, decomposes the organic molecules. The 185nm light carries more energy than the 254nm light. The 185nm light generates hydroxyl (OH·) free radicals from water molecules.


uv light sterilizer  need time of sterilizer 100% 

Category Name 100% sterilization time(s)
Bacteria  Bacillus anthracis  0.30
Diphtheria bacilli  0.25
Tetani  0.33
Clostridium botulinum  0.80
Shigella  0.15
colibacillus 0.36
Leptospira bacteria  0.20
Legionella pneumophila  0.20
Micrococcus  0.4-1.53
Germs class  Adenovirus  0.10
Phage syncytial virus  0.20
Coxsackie virus  0.08
Echovirus  0.73
Echovirus type 1  0.75
Mold spores Aspergillus niger  6.67
Dung fungus  8.00
Mucor  0.23-4.67
Blue-green algae  10-40
Chlorella  0.93
Nematode eggs  3.40
Fungi disease  1.60
Leukoplakia  2.67
Bacteria  Mycobacterium tuberculosis  0.41
Vibrio cholerae  0.64
Pseudomonas sp. 0.37
Salmonella  0.51
Intestinal bacteria fever  0.41
Salmonella typhimurium  0.53
Shigella  0.28
Staphylococcus  1.23
Streptococcus  0.45
Germs class  Influenza virus  0.23
Poliovirus  0.80
Rotavirus  0.52
Tobacco mosaic virus  16.00
Hepatitis B virus  0.73
Mold spores Soft spores  0.33
Penicillium  2.93-0.87
Toxigenic Penicillium  2.0-3.33
Other fungi Penicillium  0.87
Grass covered Genus  7.30
Protozoan genus  4-6.70
Infectious disease has been necrosis  4.00
Viral haemorrhagic 1.60

uv light sterilizer  accessories






uv light sterilizer  Features:

1.high desinfaction: including algas,fungies,bacteria,virus etc.

2.No side effect, no corrosivity ,pollution-free.

3.widely applied in water treatment, biochemical research,pharmacy industry etc.

4. Product specification is complete, flow range: 0.1-500T/H.

5. Over-flow reactor chamber adopts 304/316L stainless steel, automatic welding, the high-brigtness polished.

6. Low-pressure high-intensity mercury lamp with an operation life of 9000-13000 hours.

7.Supporting high-efficiency electronic Ballast,

8.Sterilization rate reaches as high as 99.99%


1. uv light sterilizer application


1, Food, beverage, beer, edible oil, all kinds of canned goods, cold drinks products etc. using water disinfection

2, Electrons industry ultra pure water, military camps, outdoor water supply system 

3, Hospital, lab, high content causative agent waste water disinfection

4,Residents building, housing estate, office building, hotel, restaurant, waterworks disinfection

5,Aquatic product processing purification, shellfish purification, fish processing purification etc. 

6, Town wastewater sterilization 

7, Swimming pool, other entertainment water sterilization

8,Thermal power, industrial cooling water, central air conditioner system cooling water disinfection

9, Biology, chemical pharmaceutical, cosmetic using water disinfection

10, Seawater, freshwater seeding, aquaculture water, total processing water can reach 200,000 tons per day

11,Agricultural water, greenhouse water, irrigation disinfection etc.



2. uv light sterilizer Description

Model  Power  Flow Rate Lamp Dimension   Inlet & Outlet (DN) Working Pressure Note
KCF-UV240W 240W 20 88 120W*2 1320*220*450  52*8.7*18 65 2 1/2 1-6kg/ 0.1-0.6mpa Both ends, sightport, electronic cabinet (signator,Fault light, timer)
KCF-UV360W 360W 30 132 120W*3 1320*220*450  52*8.7*18 80 3
KCF-UV480W 480W 40 176 120W*4 1320*250*480  52*9.8*19 100 4
KCF-UV600W 600W 50 220 120W*5 1320*250*480  52*9.8*19 100 4
KCF-UV720W 720W 60 264 120W*6 1320*300*530  52*12*21 125 5
KCF-UV960W 960W 80 352 120W*7 1320*350*650  52*14*26 125 5
KCF-UV1080W 1080W 90 396 120W*8 1320*350*650  52*14*26 125 5
KCF-UV1200W 1200W 100 440 120W*9 1320*400*700  52*16*28 150 6
KCF-UV1440W 1440W 120 528 120W*12 1320*400*700  52*16*28 150 6
KCF-UV1600W 1600W 140 616 320W*5 1700-350*650  67*14*26 150 6 1-6kg/ 0.1-0.6mpa Both ends, sightport, electronic cabinet (signator,Fault light, timer)
KCF-UV1920W 1920W 160 704 320W*6 1700*350*650  67*14*26 200 8
KCF-UV2240W 2240W 180 792 320W*7 1700*350*650  67*14*26 200 8
KCF-UV2560W 2560W 200 880 320W*8 1700*400*800 67*16*31 225 9
KCF-UV3520W 3520W 300 1321 320W*11 1700*450*850 67*18*33 250 10
KCF-UV4800W 4800W 400 1761 320W*15 1700*500*900  67*19.7*35 250 10


3. uv light sterilizer  Component

254nm UV single lamp, quartz sleeve, ballast-power supply
Both open end style
Sight port to view the germicidal lamp operation
Originally imported UV lamp from America or Europe, with operation life over 9000 hours

4.characteristics of uv light sterilizer

The series of UV water treatment can work under the washing of the quartz tube, keep the UV transmittance of quartz tube.

The use of UV technology for water treatment has several inherent advantages. UV light does not ‘add’ anything to the water stream such as undesirable color, odor, chemicals, or taste, nor does it generate harmful by-products. It only imparts energy to the water stream in the form of UV light to accomplish the process of disinfection, TOC reduction, ozone destruction or chlorine/chloramine destruction. UV disinfection produces no residual disinfectant to the finished water.

Aquafine UV systems feature low pressure mercury discharge lamps. The lamps are constructed with a special quartz envelope material that looks like glass, but is actually a discriminating filter. This exclusive design allows predominantly 254nm or 185nm UV energy to be transmitted into a water stream as it flows through the UV system's treatment chamber. The primary uses of UV for water treatment are: disinfection, TOC Reduction, ozone destruction and Chlorine Destruction.

5.introduction   of   uv light sterilizer

The UV sterilizer adopts special odorless high-intensity ultraviolet germicidal lamp.The cylinder wall is the micro-carbon austenite stainless steel that is after special treatment,making the pre-treated water be irradiated by enough ultraviolet whose wavelength is 253.7nm.So the sterilizing effect is good.The product will not change the physical and chemical character of water.So it’s an essential equipment for producing pure water in areas such as electron,medication,food,chemical engineering,beverage cosmetic and so on.

Products Informations: 
1) the wavelengh is from 245 micron to 276 micron 
2) the crust is stainess steel, and put luminous tube inside. 
3) the utility time of luminous tube is about three years



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