Pet Furniture Covers

Packaging & Bag *Material: clear PVC 0.15mm (PVC cold crack resistant minus 15 degree).Packaging & Bag *Material: clear PVC 0.15mm (PVC cold crack resistant minus 15 degree).

Packaging & Bag *Material: clear PVC 0.15mm (PVC cold crack resistant minus 15 degree).<br>

*Structure: 3 panel structure.<br>

*Binding: clear PVC 0.15mm binding.<br>

*Printing: without.Packaging & Bag *Material: clear PVC 0.15mm (PVC cold crack resistant minus 15 degree).

*Structure: 3 panel structure.

*Binding: clear PVC 0.15mm binding.

*Printing: without.

Characteristics of Pet Furniture Cover

Waterproof material can prevent messy accumulation.

Double-sided design with two colors.

The cushion is anchored with good stability.

Easy to install.

Designed for easy open placement, just cover on the furniture.

Many of our styles provide additional functions

Advantages of Pet Furniture Cover

Fully reversible, waterproof, and soft furniture protector helps prevent pet hair, moisture, and small pet accidents.

The two-tone reversible waterproof living room furniture cover protects your furniture from pets' daily use through a waterproof coating and needle loose seams. Needle pine stitching is a non-threaded, durable method that electronically bonds waterproof fabrics with ultrasonic heat; no holes are stitched to maximize water resistance. Our machine's reversible cover can be easily fixed, equipped with a non-preventive pad anchor and a strong elastic band. The sewn furniture cover allows your dog or cat to rest in your favorite place without putting any small pet furniture directly on your furniture.

Pet Furniture Cover Maintenance Instructions

It is strictly forbidden to trample on the sofa to avoid loss of elasticity of the protective cover.

Avoid direct sunlight to avoid partial discoloration of the material; avoid close to high-temperature heat sources to prevent aging of the material over time.

Frequently use a vacuum cleaner to clean the surface of the sofa cover.

If the sofa cover is dirty, it can be removed and cleaned, but it can only be dry cleaned, bleaching and washing should be avoided.

Use a clean white cloth dipped in a small amount of medicament, and wipe it repeatedly in the dirty place until the stain is removed. Do not scrub with a lot of water to prevent water from penetrating into the inner layer of the sofa, causing the frame inside the sofa to get wet, deformed, and sand shrinkage, affecting the overall appearance of the sofa . If there is a large area of stains, a professional cloth sofa cleaning team should be at your service. Under normal circumstances, high-end fabric sofas should be cleaned every 3-4 months to keep the fabric sofa cover clean. Pay attention to vacuuming, moisture-proof frequently.

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