Warning Tactile Indicators Studs

Tactile indicator studsare designed for applications where rubber and concrete based tactile tiles may not be suitable.Tactile warning studsare an attractive intrusion into solid flooring surfaces to improve slip resistance or to act as a textural warning.Tactile floor indicatorsare allow to be installed onto pedestrian surfaces, urban spaces and public buildings.

Tactile floor studsassists with person who are vision impaired by giving tactile warning to help them safely navigate around in a built environment - detectable underfoot or by cane.

Tactile paving studsare available in two main types:warning and directional, featuring stainless steel, plastic materials and ceramic finishes act as a discrete guidance system.

These products alert individuals of an upcoming hazard or obstacle. Including steps, stairs, ramps, escalators, railway or tramway platforms, bus stops and wharfs.

Wuyi Xiongchang offers a large range of different Directional indicator designs to allow for your exact choice.Wuyi xiongchang Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd was incorporated in March 2001 to manufacture and market high-quality tactile surface indicatorsfor the vision impaired. For over 15 years this organization has been a leader in the field of tactile indicators.

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