Hydraulic Lock Seaming Machine

Hydraulic Lock Seaming MachinePerformance Feature:

Hydraulic duct lock seaming machineis used to lock 0.3-1.2 mm thickness rectangular HVAC air duct within 1500 mm length. The machine adopts PLC control and hydraulic drive. Advantages of this hydraulic lock closing seaming machine are that sheet sealing is tight, smooth, fast and safe. All lock seam closing machines include vertical hydraulic, pneumatic and electric lock seam closing machine. As a necessary part of all ventilation air pipe forming machines, the hydraulic sheet metal lock seam closing machine can be operated with other HVAC duct forming machines together to complete a whole duct production, such as TDF flange forming machine, pneumatic TDF sheet metal folding machine, grooving machine, Pittsburgh lockformer machine, electric sheet shearing machine, clips shearing machine, etc. We can provide a complete machines series according to different customers demand and actual operating environment. Located in the center of Chinese machine industry Dongcheng Industrial Park (Ma'anshan Bowang District), BLKMA company is a professional HVAC duct manufacturing machines supplier. We have both CNC HVAC duct production line which can make ventilation air duct automatically and separate machines which are easier to move and more convenient to operate. Products mainly consist of auto duct production line machine, rectangular air duct making machine and round/spiral duct manufacturing machine. Whats' more, OEM service can be chosen. You can contact us at any time you want via , mob, WhatsApp, Skype, facebook, youtube and question about HVAC duct manufacturing machines. We will reply you and help you to solve all problems as soon as possible. With regard to after-sales service, we have skilled technicians who will tell you how to use it by video and we can also provide engineer overseas service or you can send your worker to our company to learn operation method.

Hydraulic Lock Seaming Machine Main Technical Parameters:


Max thickness


Duct length














Anhui BLKMA heavy industry machineryCo.,ltd. is located in the center of China's machine tool industry, Ma'anShan BoWang District Dongcheng Industrial Park. We provide duct seamer, automatic beading machine, spiral elbow machine, duct seaming machines, lock seamer machine, duct seam locker, portable pittsburgh lock machine, sheet metal seamer machine, spiral tubeformerand etc. Want to know about seaming machine price? Please contact us.

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