FT-2000P Portable FTIR Gas Analyzer


Based on FTIR technology, FT-2000P portable gas analyzer can continuously monitor various kinds of components in the emission, such as SO2, NOx(NO, NO2),CH4, NH3, HCl, HF, CO, CO2, O2, H2O. According to actual measuring need, it can be extended to measure other components, like SO3, N2O and etc. This portable system mainly comprises FTIR analyzer and sampling probe. It has features of high measurement accuracy, wide dynamic range and low detection limit.

Feature Of FT-2000P Portable FTIR Gas Analyzer

Warming up is no required for the analyzer to realize fast measurement;

Applicable for high humidity and dust occasion;

Optical length up to 13m, extremely low detection limit, high range dynamics, satisfy the monitoring of small emission limit;

By applying OLS and PLS techniques and selecting, interference from H2O or others can be effectively eliminated;

Quick site sampling, analysis and easy operation.

Application Of FT-2000P Portable FTIR Analyzer

Apply to dust and noise online monitoring in construction sites, roads, residential, factory sector, tourism, waste incineration plants and other construction sites and production situations.

Specification Of FT-2000P Portable FTIR Gas Analyzer


fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR)


SO2: (0 ~ 75) mg / m3

NO: (0 ~ 200) mg / m3

NO2: (0 ~ 40) mg / m3


CO: (0 ~ 75) mg / m3

H2O: (0 ~ 40)%

CH4: (0 ~ 20) mg / m3

NH3: (0 ~ 10) mg / m3

HCl: (0 ~ 15) mg / m3

HF: (0 ~ 10) mg / m3

CO2: (0 ~ 20) mg / m3

Pretreatment Method:

condensation dewatering/whole process high temperature (optional)







Sampling Flow:

(1.5 ± 0.5) L / min


≤90s (T90)




0 ~ 45 ℃

Working Pressure:

80kPa ~ 106kPa





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